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The Festival has closed!

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This year's theme is "Celebration!"

This year's festival theme revolves around "Celebration!" CELEBRATION, in all is forms: births, weddings, deaths, anniversaries, partings, meetings, etc.

Audiences vote on their favorite four plays. Cash Prizes! This is our audience's favorite event and there are always great productions and casts from TST in the heart of Hollywood.

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The Wedding Topper

At a wedding, Two cake toppers, GROOM and BRIDE,come to life and discuss the possibility of married couples living happily ever after together.

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The Wedding Topper
War Babies

War Babies

Through, a Black woman discovers she has a half Korean sister

and they meet to celebrate for the first time and reveal the highs and lows of the relationship they had with their mutual Black dad.

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Sabrina's Christening

On the day of their baby's christening, Katie wants to call it off. Her husband works on convincing her not to.

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Sabrina's Christening
The Funeral

Let's Stay Together, Al Green

4 coworkers planning a retirement party practice a song based on Al's Green's Let's Stay Together, while discussing the trials and tribulations of office life.

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Let's Stay Together
Not My Type
Ferry Tale

The Production Team

Produced by

  • Nancy Cheryll Davis

  • Nathaniel Bellamy

  • Nancy Renee

  • Veronica Thompson

  • Jackie Marriott

  • Jael Saran

  • Mark V. Jones

  • Ken Cosby

  • Teressa Taylor

  • Starina Johnson


"A truly delightful experience in such a unique and appealing space. The ticket desk personnel were fantastic. Absolutely charming. The actors - outstanding. Compliments to the lighting, sound and graphics team. Good mix of vignettes. Making the 1-4 selection was a bit of a challenge. Best theater experience I've had in quite some time. A thoroughly enjoyable evening. Thanks a million!"

"Just wanted you to know: I loved the plays, especially act 2. Hilarious, funny, great acting. I passed the info on to a number of people and 3 told me they plan to attend this weekend."

"Congrats to all! My friends and I really enjoyed the show, especially the unexpected plot twists in so many of the plays! Performances were outstanding!" - (From Barbara White Morgan - Company Member/Writer)

"Really enjoyed the show last night! Ten great plays and terrific acting all around! Many thanks for providing such a terrific opportunity for playwrights and actors -- and such memorable entertainment for the audience." - Playwright Marsha Roberts - "Not My Type"

“. . . . I’m back home in Florida and wanted to take this opportunity to express to all of you (again ) how delighted I was with the performance of my play (A Ferry Tale), and my enjoyment of the entire evening . My two friends also expressed to me how much they enjoyed the evening. You have a wonderful troupe of actors and directors.” - D. Warfield

“. . . . The plays this evening were awesome! I'm so glad I got back in town in time to catch the Festival. There was something for everyone. I laughed and cried. I brought 2 friends who had never seen or heard of 10 minute plays and they both were awed by the experience. I have no doubt that they will return next year with friends of their own.” - C. Finley

“I had a great time at the show. All the plays were stellar!” - Playwright Delane McDuffie – “Amy and Neil”


"I really enjoyed getting to see the festival on Saturday evening!  The whole line-up was great, and I was very impressed with the cast in my play, "Birthday Getaway!"  They really got the nuances and levels of the play.  Kudos to the director as well for bringing out the best in the cast. I look forward to seeing the whole evening again on the 21st, and will enjoy seeing my play interpreted by two alternate cast members." - (from writer of "Birthday Getaway")

"I loved all of them! Very talented actors!" - Judy Johnson

“I really enjoyed getting to see the festival on Saturday evening! The whole line-up was great, and I was very impressed with the cast in my play, "Birthday Getaway!" They really got the nuances and levels of the play. Kudos to the director as well for bringing out the best in the cast." - Playwright Dale Stamos Griffiths - “Birthday Getaway”

“. . . . Just wanted to say thank you for inviting me last night to the play festival. Such INCREDIBLE pieces of writing! and expertly directed.” - M. Kodi-Farrow

“. . . . What a wonderful idea and opportunity for so many writers and actors. What talent those writers had! It was thoroughly entertaining. I really admire "The two Nancy's" tenacity to stick with the vision all these years and establish a much-needed tradition and institution. I remember when you first started out on Towne Street downtown. Liittle did we know, you all were building lasting dreams. I love it. Keep on doing what you're doing.” - M. Kitchen

"Thank you so much for Saturday's admittance to the festival. It was a really great show, great performances and great stories. So happy I was able to witness and be a part." - ABC CASTING

For highlights of the 9th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival, click here

Comments from past Playwrights

“Thank you, Nancy, for producing my play in such a respectful, professional and artistic manner. This has been one of my very best experiences as a ten minute playwright. I am so glad that I made the trip to see the play and talk with the artists afterward. Due to their artistic skills and sensitivity to the script. I have never been so affected, watching one of my plays.

- Cynthia Faith Arsenault” - My Mother in the Mirror, 2015

"Congratulations on a great event. I was delighted to be able to part of it and get to know you and this fine group."

- Seth Freeman-Drinks, Dinner and DNA, 2014

“I am so happy, everything was amazing - I had no doubts. From the announcement, through the very first acceptance email, through all the communication and the great graphics, through the Facebook pics and posts, and more, TST - and you! - is a class act. Even from across the country I could feel that FREAK OUT was cared for and nurtured to a fabulous premiere. Thank you so much for everything!”

- Charlene A. Donaghy 

Towne Street Theatre, L.A.’s Premiere African American Theatre Company, was founded in 1993 in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Its mission is to create positive social impact by producing and developing original works reflective of the African American experience. Towne Street continues to be an oasis for creativity and imagination; a theatre that helps to bridge the cultural divide by bringing artists and audiences of all colors and ethnicities together. Originally located in a downtown loft, the Towne Street Theatre has been in residence at the Stella Adler Theatre/LA in Hollywood since 2004.

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