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Celebrating our 30th Season!


The Towne Street Theatre’s mission is to create, develop and produce original work that is reflective of the African American experience and perspective. A Black female-led theatre arts organization, Towne Street provides a home for a diverse group of artists to be free in their efforts to create and explore theatre without constraints.


The Towne Street Theatre envisions a future where artists of all backgrounds are free to express their creativity, and where social justice issues are continually explored, dismantled and acknowledged through the healing power of theatre.


We value diverse storytellers and audiences.

We commit to educating as we entertain.

We embrace creative expression.

We lead with excellence, originality and compassion.


For our anniversary:

After 30 years, we remain committed to being an oasis for artists and audiences looking for theatre that represents them and their varied experiences, as well as those seeking something new and different.



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