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TST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible to the extent the law allows. Our tax id # is 95-4567319.



Make the connection between your company and Towne Street Theatre’s long-standing reputation by supporting an event, an educational project, a play, or even the whole season!

Towne Street Theatre could not exist for 31 years without all of your support.

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Thank you for being a follower and fan of our programs & productions.

Your support will help LA's Premiere African-American Theatre Company in furthering our mission to serve the Community by providing theatre programming that is rich, diverse, complex, entertaining and compelling. 2023 brought the return of the 10 Minute Play Festival and Short Film Festival, Sum Poetry, Young Storytellers collaboration, a partnership with the Wilshire Ebell, and Hip Hop, Improv and Writing ClassesLearn more about TST.


Towne Street Theatre is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our tax id # is 95-4567319.

Thank you to all of our amazing donors and Funders!

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2024 Donors

so far...

  • Emily Yancy

  • Shirley Jordan

  • Mamie Louise Anderson

  • Roxanne Cason

  • Brandis Johnson

  • Elizabeth Bell Haynes

  • Emonjay Brown

2023 Donors

  • Alexis Chavarria

  • Amber Wynn

  • Barbara Morgan

  • Cairo Spencer

  • Carol Becker

  • Cheryl Cromwell

  • Colette Rosario

  • Connie Martin

  • Debra Graham

  • Elizabeth Bell-Haynes

  • Florence Avognon

  • Gillian Smith

  • Greg Daniel

  • Stephen Alesch

  • Johan Beckles

  • The Crosby Family

  • Jacqueline Ferger

  • Jacqueline Houston

  • Mildred Langford

  • RCB

  • Kathryn Shirley

  • Carolyn Wilson

  • Janine Lancaster

  • John Bauer

  • Kimberley Ferren

  • Laurie Allen

  • Leon A. Walker

  • Leslie Jenkins

  • Mack Miles

  • Madeline Puccioni

  • Maricella Ibarra

  • Marilyn Smith

  • Matthew Kamm

  • Michael Varner

  • Mildred Lewis

  • Melissa Anderson

  • Marletta Boyd

  • BK Dawson

  • Rosalind Goddard

  • Michele Johnsen

  • Raf Mauro

  • Allen Resnick

  • Diane Simpson

  • Adrian Ziegler

  • Nancy Davis

  • Nancy Renee Rowe

  • Natalie Cobb

  • Olga Garay-English

  • Paul Stanley

  • Rich Hays

  • Roy Davis

  • Ruby Hayes

  • Sarah Allyn Bauer

  • Shawndelle K. Jones

  • Skylar Silverlake

  • Stevan Arbona

  • Susan Luck Sampson

  • Joni Arlain

  • Violet Chapman

  • Neptune of Earth

  • Mark Steven Greenfield

  • Ronald Johnson

  • DeLane McDuffie

  • Tony Robinson

  • Gillian Smith

  • Tene Carter

  • Tommy R Hicks

  • Valaira Smith

  • Brandon Morgan

  • LaShaunda Mosley

  • Adalia Luo

  • Linda Schwartz

  • Sarah Green

  • sOYP

  • Roger Mathey

  • Veronica Thompson

  • Cheryl Bailey
    In honor of DeBorah Charles.

  • Brenda and Charles Cober

  • Reginald Edmund

  • Justin Gubersky

  • Daphne Jones

  • Mark and Pam Page

  • Stan Sellers

  • The Solano family

  • Bunny Withers

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