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Taxpayers who don’t separately itemize their deductions are allowed to claim up to $300 of charitable giving as a tax deduction for the 2021 tax year. If you are one of the 88% of taxpayers who don't itemize their deductions, consider taking advantage of this deduction by donating to Towne Street (and other good causes).


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TST is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax deductible to the extent the law allows.



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In Honor of Deborah Elaine Charles, Towne Street Theatre Advisory Board Chair.

Thank you for donating to TST in her honor:

Cheryl Bailey

Gordon & Tania Scott

Stan Sellers

Victor Webb

Denise Nicholas

Teri Aranguren

Yrneh Brown

Sarah Bauer

Harriet Dickey

Mildred Lewis

Debra Graham-Taylor & Jeff Taylor

Monica Dyer

Felton Perry

Amos & Sandra Burns

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Veronica Thompson

National Association of Letter Carriers of the United States of America

Lynne Thompson​

Jackie Marriott

Cheryl Finley

Nancee Mounce

Gavin Glynn

Johan Beckles

Catherine Clapper

Mark Steven Greenfield
Marsha Smith

Kathy Shirley

Debora Sayers

Michele Logrippo

Shaun Miskell

Joan Willingham

Thank you to all of our amazing

2021 Donors!


  • The Daffy Contribution Fund

  • Herschel Purvis

  • Anthony Berry Smith

  • Biff Yeager

  • Gretchen Greenwood
    In Honor of Melissa Vincent Anderson

  • Gregg Daniel

  • Seth Lewandowski

  • Frantz Turner

  • Shayla Michole Riggle

  • Jonathan Harrison

  • Tene Carter

  • Dominic Hoffman

  • Trish Johnson

  • Mo Olson

  • Michael Varner

  • Terrance Elis

  • Florence Avogvon

  • Beverly Brodie

  • Bryant Keith Alexander

  • Cheryl Cromwell

  • Okuwah Garrett

  • Charles I. Williams

  • Robin Ray Eller

  • Kenny Cooper

  • David Johnson

  • Natalie Cobb

  • Valaira Sa-Ra

  • William Warren

  • Justin Newell

  • Mark Page & Pam Sylvor

  • Patricia & Phillip Varner

  • Carolyn Williams

  • Perna Lane

  • Carolyn Williams

  • Porcha Evans

  • Sheila Korsi

  • Stephen Alesch 

  • Roman & Williams 

  • Shirley Strickland

  • Living Dreams Creative Coaching

  • Anthony Johnson

  • Felton Perry

  • Marie Foster

  • Cynthia Farley

  • Melissa K Anderson-Vincent

  • Babette Healy

  • David Hammond

  • Catherine Telford Oliveri

  • Susan Luck Sampson

  • Charles Davis

  • Okuwah Garrett

  • Laurie Allen

  • Lydia Hannibal White-Spunner

  • Samantha Clay

  • Fitz Houston

  • Lena Berry

  • Nick Faltas

  • Jackie Marriott

  • Darline Harris

  • William Warren

  • Ron White

  • Victor D'wayne Little

  • Spencer Gnitecki

  • Frank Marrocco

  • Tamyra Hunt

  • Becca Gagan

  • David McDonald

  • Bryant Keith Alexander

  • Jacqueline Ferger

  • Florence Avogon

  • Judi Beecher

  • Rachael Carnes

  • Mildred Lewis

  • Madeline Puccinoni

  • Colette Rosario

  • Charles I Williams

  • Roy Davis & Raye Maestas

  • Patricia & Phil Varner

  • Mark & Pam Page

  • Brigid & Norm Brett

  • Anthony Berry-Smith

  • Elizabeth Bell-Haynes

  • Tammy Hunt

  • Kiziana Jean-Louis

  • Richard Rubin

  • Patricia Williams

  • Shay Wafer

  • Julia and Geoff Rodriguez-Elliot


  • The Black Seed

  • LA Arts Recovery Fund / California Community Foundation

  • Southern California Gas Company

  • Comcast Universal

  • Bank of America

  • California Relief Fund

  • The Daffy Charitable Fund

Thank you to all of our amazing donors!

2020 #GivingTuesday

& 2020 Donors

  • Melissa Kay Anderson

  • Joni Arlain

  • Pamela Archer

  • Patrick Baca

  • Wil Bowers

  • Whitney Blake-Dean

  • Latamra Bey

  • Bill Ballou

  • Elizabeth Bell-Haynes

  • Mai Camouna

  • Sue Crosby

  • Deborah Charles

  • Natalie Cobb

  • Melissa Chalsma

  • Gregg Daniel

  • Roy Davis & Raye Maestas

  • Juan Duenas

  • William Davis

  • Catherine Elrod

  • Terrence Ellis

  • Debbie Fan

  • Cheryl Finley

  • Marie Thomas Foster

  • Barbara Fisher

  • Jacqueline Ferger

  • Brittany Gash

  • Mark Greenfield

  • Lee Griswold

  • Justin Gubersky

  • Spencer Gnitecki

  • Rosalind Goodard

  • David Hammond

  • Jonathan Harrison

  • Armand Herraras

  • Marsha Hopkins

  • Rodney Hobbs

  • Karen Jackson

  • Donna Jordan

  • Cheryl Jackson

  • Perna Lane

  • Rose Leisner

  • Aliva Long

  • Khalia Monet

  • Mack Miles

  • Justin Newell

  • Mark Page

  • Twon Pope

  • Shannon Lee Pedroza

  • Al Pedroza

  • Felton Perry

  • Tien Pham

  • Madeline Puccioni

  • Kathy Perkins

  • Camille Roberts

  • Bob Rodriguez

  • Robynn Rodriguez

  • Julia and Geoff Rodriquez-Elliott

  • Sylvia Rodriguez-Scholz

  • Matthew Rose

  • Colette Rosario

  • Shayla Micole Riggle

  • Florence Saleh

  • Susan Luck Sampson

  • Gina Simpson

  • Gillian Smith

  • Isabel Smith

  • Sandi Sheffey-Stinson

  • Jon Sinjur

  • Mark Shertinsky

  • Marianne Savell

    "This gift is in honor of Danny Burstein & Rebecca Luker."

  • Catherine Telford-Oliveri

  • Michelle Tannen

  • Veronica Thompson

  • Pat & Phil Varner

  • Tarihiah Vinson

  • Carlolyn Williams

  • Joshua Boyd Williams

  • Ron White

  • Emily Yancy

  • Art at the Rendon

  • The Braver Theatre Company

  • Marcus-Ring Family Fund

  • Delois Smith Kitchen

  • Support Black Theatre

  • Comcast Universal

  • Southern Calif. Gas Company

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Help ensure that Towne Street Theatre's productions and programs continue! Your gift helps produce original and classical works about the Black Experience. Your Contribution encourages multi-cultural artists throughout Los Angeles and the nation, giving voice to the powerful experience of African-Americans.