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Towne Street: Reflection and Renewal in the New Year

A hand lifting up a block that says 2023-24

Towne Street Theatre wants to wish you all a Happy New Year. But, before we can dive into the new year and all the new and exciting things in store, a quick reflection on TSTs 30th year is in order. In total we:

  • Resumed an audience favorite: The 10 Minute Play Festival and it was one for the ages.  This was the first time we’ve been able to have the festival since the pandemic began in 2020.  Towne Street Theatre added the first Film Festival component while also having a virtual play festival in which all the plays chosen for the 11th 10 Minute Play Festival were performed via Zoom with most of the original cast.  

  • Held workshops in Hip Hop, Writing and Improv.

  • Presented the 5th anniversary of Sum Poetry.

  • Had our first Meet & Greet at the Ebell of Wilshire.

  • Commemorated our 30th Anniversary with a wonderfully festive celebration.

I've spent almost my entire life at Towne Street and I have observed that our theatre can act as a safe haven from the rough and tumble grind of "making it in LA." I like to think of it as a place that creatives can rest their weary souls until they are ready to head back out into the storm. This past year brought us many new members and staff who gained experience in their craft and found new connections within Towne Street. It was a bittersweet year because we gained new members while a few long time and treasured members relocated to other states.  Through it all Towne Street remained steady and focused on its goal to heal the community through the lens of theatre. 

2023 was also one of the best years in terms of donations and funding.  We received $10,000 via donations from audience members just like you.  If you would like to get a head start on your 2024 donation, go here. Every dollar helps and we were so touched that so many of you showed your support for the Towne Street mission.  We were also very fortunate to receive a grant from the S. Mark Taper foundation

As January begins, Towne Street looks toward the new year with excitement and joy.  In 2024, Reflection, Readings, and Renewal will be our focus. This will include our expanded Reading Series of plays, screenplays and teleplays, Short Film Nights, the sixth anniversary of Sum Poetry-our Spoken Word program, the Deborah Charles Literary Series-bringing books to life, Creative Workshops, more Meet & Greets with the community, a podcast, In Response returning in November, new partnerships and planning for the April 2025 Play & Short Film Festival.

We invite you to be part of this incredible year. Submit your resume, samples of your work, areas of interest and any questions to




Meet Veronica McClelland, who started at TST at age five helping stuff and stamp envelopes. She's come a long way since then and has served in various capacities at TST over the years, including Camp Intern and Administrative Assistant. Veronica graduated from UCLA in June 2022 with a BA in English and a minor in Writing. We're lucky to have her contribute her talents to the TST Blog.

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