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SEASON 25 - 2018

​In Response: Year of the Woman will be

Returning in April 2019!

In Response: Year of the Woman
An evening of poetry, short scenes, monologues and movement.
View the plays and cast.

In Response: Year of the Woman is now closed!

See what critics and people have said.

"Dear Nancy! And authors! Thank you so much for this work. The actors are amazing. I love how loving of the pieces are-especially in this time when things are so difficult for us. The show has so much joy. The play about marriage is such a perfect antidote to romance. It slayed me. Thank you authors. Thank you, Directors! Thank you Actors!" - Stephanie Batiste

"Great play. Will spread the word. You did a great job."

- Kay Hale

"Loved the show and artist.s It was entertaining, informative and thought provoking. Great show."

- Sy Richardson

"Wonderful messages for women--there a message for you! Make you laugh, cry and stomp your feet. Go see it  woman of all ages!" - Theresa Richardson

Theater Review: IN RESPONSE: Year of the Women

Excerpt: "IN RESPONSE is a complex collage of voices yearning, and deserving, to be heard. The voices come to life through the sensitive direction of Towne Street Theatre co-founders Nancy Cheryll Davis and Nancy Renee, as well as a cast adept at playing multiple roles. Response to IN RESPONSE has been so strong that it will return in the spring. But don’t wait! Head up Highland to the Stella Adler Theatre."


"Such a beautiful, honest show with talented group of people!! Definitely will keep tracking them."

- Aaron Testa | Coordinator, Talent & Casting |
  ABC Entertainment Group

Towne Street Theatre’s Year of the Woman is the latest installment of their successful In Response series reflecting on the current State of the Union.This October we explore women's issues, past and present, through monologues, poetry, dance, and scenes. Audience talkbacks following all Sunday shows.

Directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis and Nancy Renee
Production Design: Nathaniel Bellamy
Video Design: Ken Cosby
Costume Design/Choreography: Nancy Renee
Conception/Casting: Nancy Cheryll Davis
Publicity: CKG Communications
Production Intern: Maimouna Camara
Produced by Nancy Cheryll Davis, Nathaniel Bellamy, Nancy Renee, Veronica Thompson, Starina Johnson and Teressa Taylor

Graphic Design: Jaimyon Parker


Writers: Stephanie Leigh Batiste, Samantha Clay, Aja Houston, Starina Johnson, Cristina Florez, Veronica McClelland, Barbara White Morgan, Kay Phillips, Madeline Daly Puccioni, S Pearl Sharp, Dale Griffiths Stamos and Veronica Thompson

Cast: Melissa Kay Anderson, Wil Bowers, Jacqueline Castaneda, Andrew Cudzilo, Jason C. Daniels, Shaun Fury, Alyssa Barrett Jackson, Sonia Jackson, Alisa Murray, Shannon Pedroza, Shaquil Reeves, Colette Rosario, Michele Tannen, Teressa Taylor, Veronica Thompson, Twon Pope, Joahn Webb and Adrian Zeigler

Please note: TST's In Response: YOTW addresses pertinent issues that are important and relevant to women in 2018.  As such, some material may not be suitable for children under the age of 18.

In Response: Year of the Woman

TST @ Stella Adler Theatre

6773 Hollywood Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90028


Preview Performances

October 6th @ 8 p.m.

October 7th @ 3 p.m.

Tickets: $12

Performance Dates

October 13th - 28th

Saturdays at 8 p.m.

Sundays at 3 p.m.

View the plays and cast.
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