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SEASON 23 - 2016

Stand-Up Stylez Comedy Showcase

October 29, 2016 @ 8:00pm

Congrats to our Stand-Up Stylez Comedians!

8 students took the faithful jump to step into the world of stand up comedy. On October 29th, Anthony Berry-Smith, Seth Austin, Kenneth Long, Kristina Roth, Jaimyon Parker, Jonathan Harrison, Samantha Clay and Jackie Marriott will grace the Stage at Stella Adler Theatre to perform routines developed in their hilarious 8 week journey under the direction of comedian Ken Cosby.


These first time stand up comics will perform with along side stand up comedians Deirdre Devlin, Jennifer Jolly, Joe Kaye, and Rosie Tran with the event hosted by Ken Cosby.


Come for the laughs and stay for Towne Street Theatre’s Halloween Party immediately after the show.

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