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Comments from
our members....

"TST is not only a theatre company that I've belonged to for the past 20 years, it has also afforded me a great many opportunities to grow professionally both on the stage and off..."


Veronica Thompson - Actor/Producer/Director

"There is no doubt that my year -- going on two years -- with TST has made me a more intuitive performer, a more motivated producer, and a more confident person of color. I have never felt such camaraderie as I do here."


Patricia Fructuoso - Actress/Producer

"With so few theatres producing plays by African American playwrights, Towne Street

is an invaluable asset to those of us writing about the Black experience."


Barbara White Morgan - Playwright

"The productions and programs gives me the opportunity to continue to hone in on my skills, experiment,and reach out to industry personnel. TST has provided the resources and forum for growth and expansion; an ever ending tool desired by actors serious about their craft."


Joahn Webb - Actor


Towne Street Theatre is In Residence at The Stella Adler Theatre/LA located at the corner of Hollywood & Highland


The award-winning and critically acclaimed Towne Street Theatre is looking to expand our core family of artists. Although our primary mission is creating, producing and presenting work that is reflective of the African-American experience, we live in and seek a diverse community of artists, as our work and lives intersect with all cultures. ALL ethnicities and ages 18 and up are welcomed and encouraged to submit.


2024 Events

  • Reading Series (Plays/Screenplays/Teleplays)

  • Sum Poetry (Spoken Word)

  • Deborah Charles Literary Series (Novels)

  • Playwriting, Hip Hop, Acting, and Improv Workshops

  • Pre-Production for the 2025 10 Minute Play & Short Film Festival


Member Opportunities:
TST provides a theater home to its family of diverse artists; members are given casting priorities; are given space to create, develop, design and produce work, as well as having opportunity to submit for the year ABC Casting Executives Directors workshop, be recommended for the WDTI database of producers and writers, and most importantly be part of an organization created by and for artists. Our members have been selected for the ABC Diversity Showcases, NBC Showcase and work in theatre, television and film. Auditions/Interviews are by appointment only.



  • Ethical

  • Collaborative

  • Community Oriented

  • Passionate

  • Driven

  • Motivated

  • Innovative



ALL members must commit to ALL areas of production, be it technical, stage crew, house management, ushering, as well as participate in reading committees, fundraising, community outreach, and development. TST is a contribute as you can membership company. All members contribute either with time or financial contributions and/or both. Dues help with general operating expenses such as space rental, website hosting, materials, etc.

If you would like to join our family, please email the following to us:

  • Picture & resume, writing & design samples

  • References/Reviews for Directors & Producers

  • A link if you have an online profile

  • A statement of intent: Why are you interested in becoming a Towne Street member?

  • Your list of interests, skills & abilities: What do you bring to the table?

  • Your philosophical & ethical artistic beliefs: What is YOUR aesthetic passion?

  • What are you looking for in a theatre company?


Send your submission to with “Company Membership” in the subject line.

Thank you, TST Membership Committee


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