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SEASON 26 - 2019

The Awakening of La Muse

July 14th @ 4 pm

Towne Street Theatre's



TST Literary Series

Bringing books to life!

Attendance to the Literary Series includes

a chance to win two tickets to

Smooth Summer Jazz

at the Hollywood Bowl


a Meet And Greet with Kenny Lattimore

on Sunday, August 18, 2019

at 6:00pm


Don’t forget to bring cash to purchase

your $5 raffle ticket.


Towne Street Theatre's Advisory Board presents

a Staged Reading of


The Awakening of La Muse

by Shirley Strickland

Directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis

Followed by talkback with author.

Books will also be on sale.


Date: Sunday, July 14th
Time: 4 p.m.

Stella Adler Theatre
6773 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Tickets $15.00

About the book: The Awakening of La Muse is about Muse, a sixteen-year-old American slave, driven by a secret that nurtures her spirit but binds her to a crippling silence, is petrified when she travels with her owners to Europe. The journey sweeps her from the rocky dirt roads of a plantation to the elegant avenues of Paris. In 1855, she escapes but soon learns a French bounty hunter is in pursuit. When the day of reckoning arrives, she battles for the right to liberty.

From the Author


What an afternoon! Thank you and the Towne Street Theatre group for the stunning production of the Awakening of La Muse. I was truly pleased and at the same time overwhelmed. For a first-time author to see and hear her characters come to life is breathtaking. It was also a curiosity to witness how certain scenes resonated with different sections of the audience and how so many seemed passionately engaged. As you know, authors live so close to their characters that many times they can no longer discern objectively. To observe your characters from a fresh distance is an effective reunderstanding of your creative abilities.

I also want to thank you for taking a chance on a new author. You’ve given me tremendous confidence as I venture forth into the wilds of the literature and storytelling communities. I hope you continue to embrace new authors.

Thanks again!

S.R. Strickland

Author Amazon Page

From the Audience

"Hey, just wanted to let you know that I LOVED yesterday’s event.  I think this is the TST event I have enjoyed the most."

Meet The Cast

Meet The Crew

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