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SEASON 22 - 2015

Sunday, April 19, 2015 @ 4:00 p.m.

Raffi Mauro's One-Man Show


By Raffi Mauro

Location: Stella Adler Theatre, 6773 Hollywood Blvd., LA 90028

Cost: $10 Suggested donation


About the Play


Come see, hear and laugh through RAFFI  MAURO's one-of-a-kind cabaret show "Music I Heard Around the House When I Was a Kid." It's a show that spins the audience through Raffi's coming of age, influenced by the rich variety of music he was exposed to growing up in the Bronx, interlaced with hilarious, poignant, socially revealing anecdotes and life molding "AHA" moments. With special guest stars and childhood pal Eddie Adlum and the fantastic Miriam Birch with the peerless Rob Bowers at the keyboard.


About the Playwright


For the past 52 years, plus, RAFFI MAURO has been living his dream. He's been in over 100 TV shows and films and who can remember how many commercials. For the past five years his dream has expanded to include being a song and dance man. He's written three published books for children with four more on the way. He writes songs, musical comedies and has directed for as long as he can remember. A proud member of Towne Street Theatre, Raffi sort of lives by "love more and do more for others" and "you're never too old for another first."

Show Review


"Raffi Mauro is a consummate entertainer—a throwback to an earlier era of show business when performers did it all.  Like them, Mauro sings, he dances, he acts, he does shtick, he waxes philosophical and, at age 74, he’s added cabaret performer to his bag of tricks.  On stage, Mauro is a bundle of energy who never stands still, performing with a perpetual light in his eyes, a lilt in his step and an instinct for engaging an audience with talent, confidence and, occasionally, sheer chutzpah."

-- Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes, January 24, 2014


Raffi Mauro

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