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SEASON 31 - 2024

Celebrate Pride and Juneteenth with TST!

Embrace the intersectionality of liberation in our work as we honor the struggles and triumphs of both movements. Let's continue to shine a light on the stories that shape our shared history and inspire change in the 21st century. Join us in promoting equality and diversity in all forms of expression. Together, we can make a difference!

Saturday, June 22nd · 1:30 pm

at the Stella Adler Theatre

Talkbacks with writer/director/cast followed each performance.

Randall & Ward Attend The Theatre

Ward meets Randall outside a theatre before they go in to watch the show. Randall reveals that they met four years ago at this same theatre, and the subsequent discussion reveals the history and the future of their relationship.


Not Pictured
Albert Benedict as WARD

The Signing

Within a 24-hour period, Robert Hemings remembers coming upon the Declaration of Independence, in the summer of 1776, at a home in Philadelphia. He accompanies his boss, Thomas Jefferson, who prepares to present the governing words the next day to the members of the Second Continental Congress. Hemings, a well-read man, is able to take full ownership of the empowering, all-inclusive words written on the parchment.


We Jump Broom

Under threat of a sale, two enslaved women decide to marry under the stars in Dahomey tradition.


Until The Storm Passes

An African-American woman and her husband, now living life as a woman, are in the midst of preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Ike, and they argue over whether to tell their son that his father is now living life as Gloria. Suddenly, the son arrives to take his parents to safety. Fireworks ensue. And so do honesty, understanding and love.


Produced by
Nancy Cheryll Davis and

Sarah Allyn Bauer

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