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SEASON 31 - 2024

The Reading was A HIT!

These plays were written during Mildred Lewis' 2023 Writing a 10-Minute Play class.

Towne Street Theatre's playwriting class embodied what's special about our dynamic company. The effortlessly intergenerational and multiethnic group produced excellent work that makes audiences feel, laugh, think and cry.


Talkbacks with writer/director/cast followed each performance.

A budget smart home system tries to take over the Clark home in "A.I.-Stein." Surprise! There's only one mama allowed in the Clark household. Sonia Jackson's play tells truths about A.I. in this timely comedy.


In "Tina Goes on a Date," Veronica McClelland explores mental illness with so much heart, truth and compassion that when Tina finally walks out the door past her anxiety and depression, you'll cheer for her.

Tina Goes On A Date

When Karina and Nora turn the tables on cheater Michael, Jacqueline Castaneda rewrites the rules of the revenge in her coming of age comedy "The Grudge." The Real Housewives couldn't have done any better.

The Grudge

Produced by
Nancy Cheryll Davis and

Sarah Allyn Bauer

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