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SEASON 25 - 2018

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The Gala was a hit!

At Towne Street Theatre's 25th Anniversary Celebration, we commemorated our Silver anniversary in true TST style!

View the full event and honoree page!

Juan DaCosta - Berly Ellis-Wedding - Debra J.T. Padillia - Roy Davis and Raye Maestas - Patricia and Philip Varner

Phyllis and Cortland Pitt - Yvette and Billy Ashford - Frannie Goldstein - Mark & Pam Page

Valerie & Foster Corder - Jackie Houston - Carolyn Gramble - Marletta Boyd - Sarah Green and Mario M. Zelaya

Melissa and Ian Boldt - Jean Bartlett & James A. Webber - Eleanor Singleton - Beatrice Della Woodall

Angela and William Davis - Karen Jackson - LM Jackson - Margarita & Kevin Walker - Ken and Alyson Turner

Carol Bixel - Angela Gaspar Milanovic - Madeline Puccioni - Elena Muslar - Brenda Colbert - Brenda Chalmers

Sy & Teresa Richardson - Freddie DeGrate - Elizabeth Bell Haynes - Kathy Perkins - Susan & Jewel Crosby

Gillian and Edward Smith - Tvan Parker - Jeri Leslie and Faruq Jenkins - Carol Klapper - Joan Wittingham

Dara Charbonnet - Kenneth Hall - Deborah Charles - Cheryl Finley - Rosalind Goodard - Renee Johnson

Donna Oliver - Kathy Shirley - Carolyn Williams

Thank you to our wonderful Gala donors!

I wanted to congratulate you both on celebrating your Silver anniversary at the helm of TST, but also marking it with such a lovely tribute. You both did a fantastic job showcasing all the company's accomplishments, both past and present. It was fun reminiscing through so many highlights and seeing familiar faces (hello, Brian!)


And it was especially heartwarming to see Nathaniel, Deborah and "our girl" Elena get well-deserved honors.

I hope you both know how grateful we both are for your love and support throughout the years, and for helping to ignite the spark that set my son, Nic Ryan on his creative path.


Congrats again to you and the whole TST company! - Monica Dyer 


Was such a lovely event - a wonderful summary of all the hard work, talent, vision, perseverance, and love that contributed to TST being an artistic community which has enriched so many people’s lives. Thank you for the evening and for existing!! - With love, The Smith Family



25 years of wonder, awe and knock down the barriers innovation. Let's try this, let's do that, let's see how this goes,and viola, TST masterminds another "how did they do that?" entertaining bouquet of awareness for the world to marvel at. - RM



Congratulations on a VERY successful celebration. It was beautifully orchestrated and we enjoyed every minute. Many thanks for a delightful evening! - CF

Comments from some of our guests!


TST co-founders Nancy Davis and Nancy Renee curated a special presentation to highlight our major productions over the past 25 years.

Former TST Camp "kids" Christine Crosby, Joshua Boyd Williams and Isabel Smith with her band, Strada Swing, gave AMAZING performances.

We honored five individuals who have greatly contributed to our success: Artist/Designer and TST co-founder Nathaniel Bellamy; Veteran actor and trailblazer Felton Perry; Playwright Barbara White Morgan; Elena Muslar, Creative Curator Specialist & Cultural Experience Director; Artist Representative Deborah Charles and St Elmo's Village, represented by Roderick and Jacqueline Sykes. Mr. Perry was introduced by his friend and fellow veteran actor Ted Lange.

View the Gala Powerpoint

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