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The 12th 10 Minute Play Festival and 1st Film Festival were an AUDIENCE HIT!


Photography: Vincent Ybanez

10 Minute Play & Film Festival

10 Minute Plays

The One-of-a-Kind Audience Favorite is BACK!

The festival took place October 6th - 22nd

at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood.

Friday Night Films


Something Borrowed

When Edith finds out what her best friend borrowed from her neighbor, she must do everything she can to stop Bessie Mae from going forward with her insane idea! If not stopped, Bessie Mae’s life as she knows it will end!

Playwright: Laurie Allen

Director: Raf Mauro

Fern and Cliff

Fern reconnects with her oldest son, Cliff, whom she gave up for adoption.

Playwright: Leda Siskind

Director: Nancy Davis


The Creature has reached a turning point in his eternal life.

Playwright: Dan Taube

Director: JP Rapozo

Double Feature

A man and a woman enter a movie theater and sit behind another couple. One is the dead husband of the woman and the other is the dead wife of the man.

Playwright: Chuck Smith

Director: JP Rapozo


Dave is excitedly trying to prepare for his Ku Klux Klan meeting.

Playwright: Oded Gross

Director: Nancy Davis


Slave Trade

An abusive businessman gets his comeuppance from his streaming device.

Playwright: Ian Patrick Williams

Director: Twon Marcel Pope

That Sweet D

On a crowded train, a young woman is crammed shoulder-to-shoulder with an older gentleman, who engages her out of the blue.

Playwright: Asa Somers

Director: Elana Luo

Little Red Handed

Red has come back to Granny's house, but she's not so little anymore... and she has an agenda.

Playwright: Aly Kantor

Director: Twon Marcel Pope

Soar Spot

If an abuser had a Greatest Hits album, it would include such scintillating singles as "Diss You Much," "Keep on Shoving You," and "You Can't Stop the Beatdown." Except the women at the Safe House can and did. But will they stop listening to their setbacks' soundtracks and keep listening to their own, much more mellifluous voices?

Playwright: Allison Fradkin

Director: Elana Luo

The Blue Panda

Will Betsy teach the unruly guests some manners? Or will... The Blue Panda?

Playwright: Madeline Puccioni

Director: Nancy Davis

Production Team

Not Pictured

Grady Florio

Videographer & Stage Manager

Vincent Ybanez

Production Photography



A mother is confronted with her daughter's secret admission and must decide whether to follow her head or heart.

Written by Tanisha Williams

Directed by Valaira Sa-Ra

Blank Canvas

A visual artist, works on reclaiming herself despite her depression threatening to pull her back in.

Co-written & Co-Directed by Jacqueline Castañeda & Jose Alejandro Hernandez, Jr.

One of The Guys

A snapshot in the lives of a once tight-knit, and now growing apart, friend group of musical collaborators. When a studio session turns chaotic, it brings about a shocking revelation for the sole woman in the group.

Written & Directed by

LaChelle Chrysanne Watson

Amy & Neil

In this short 90's comedy, a young couple discuss gender roles & societal expectations on date night!

Written by DeLane McDuffie

Directed by Twon Pope



A single mother reconsiders her life in the U.S. when she vacations in her Jamaican hometown with her young son.

Written by Malaika Paquoit

Directed by Stephanie Malson

Ghostbusters Inc.

A Ghostbuster Engineer tests his trap on his colleague and is unprepared for what could go wrong.

Written by Estrella Esparaza-Johnson

Directed by Grady Fiorio


An actress is challenged with believing in herself.

Written & Directed by Callie Haun

We Can Move Mountains Together

*In Memoriam Tribute*

Two people find love amid a World Pandemic.

Written & Directed by Odell Ruffin


The Nest

A mother is faced with finding herself again after her daughter leaves the nest.

Written by Kiziana Jean-Louis

Directed by Jammie Patton

Picture This

A Hollywood Talent Manager tries to hold onto his number one client.

Written & Directed by

Matt Winters & Andrew Essig

Blue Eye Shadow

A Man recounts his family's childhood memories and discovers his brother’s secret.

Written by Eddrick Jerome

Directed by Terrance Ivory

The Three Phases of Isa

Isa and Stephan, who met while Isa was a freshman in college, have been married for twenty-one years; a marriage riddled with domestic abuse. Tonight, on their twenty-first year anniversary another altercation ensues. This time leaving Isa to fight for dear life. In a moment of mental escapism, she confronts the younger versions of herself attempting to gain the freedom she desperately seeks.

Written by Mildred Marie Langford

Directed by Andi Chapman

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