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The Johnson Chronicles

“The Johnson Chronicles” is a bold, funny, sensual, historical, and conversational ‘body memoir. A sling of vignettes, intellectual dozens, vows ... affirmations about size, fatherhood, intimacy – and the pleasure & pain of living with the personal, political and mythological Johnson.

Peter J. Harris – founder and Artistic Director of Inspiration House – is an African American cultural worker who has since the 1970s published poetry, essays, and fiction in a wide range of national publications.

October 20, 2012


Felton Perry


Kenny Cooper • Ray Dennis • Keenon Harris • Joshua Lee Johnson • John Marshall Jones • Mark V. Jones • Daniel Martin • RCB


The In Verdict

June 19, 2012

A black man has been arrested for the murder of a white L.A.P.D. officer, but claims self-defense. How will the community of Quant Grove react to one of its own being arrested? Will L.A. once again burn and the city be divided by race? 


The In Verdict sheds light on a dark seed of racism and hatred within American culture and specifically, L.A.


Kenny Cooper • Ray Dennis • Keenon Harris

Joshua Lee Johnson • John Marshall Jones

Mark V. Jones • Daniel Martin • RCB

Mark V. Jones is a Los Angeles based actor / director / playwright whose produced works include “Souls To Take,” “Biscuit, CB and What-His-Face” and “Very Strange Fruit.”



Mark V. Jones


The Fountain

May 22, 2012

Before their 40th reunion, six high school classmates reunite for a Bahamas vacation. After four sip water from a fountain with “healing properties,” they awake with younger bodies; their minds and memories, however, remain unchanged. What happens NOW?!

Harriet A. Dickey is a Los Angeles based playwright whose numerous TV and stage credits include the acclaimed production of “Joleta,” a 2001 NAACP Theatre Award Winner for Best Playwright Local.


Raf Mauro


Guerin Barry • Susan Berger • Miriam Birch • Hank Cohen

Jacque  Lynn Colton • Barbara A. Fisher • Mark V. Jones • Emmanuel King

Sheila Korsi • Steve Meek • Mack Miles • Anita Noble

Raquel Rosser • Lynndi Scott • Diane Sellers • Londale Theus


Ashes To Ashes

April 24, 2012

Set against the backdrop of the 1992 LA riots, an African-American family with opposing sets of beliefs struggles to remain intact after losing one of their most beloved members.

Porcha Evans is a Loyola Marymount / USC graudate with a master’s degree in professional writing. “Ashes To Ashes” was a 2011 jury selection winner at the 14th Annual African-American Women in Cinema International Film Festival in New York City.


Raf Mauro


Barika A. Croom • Christine Crosby • Steven G. Henderson

Mark V. Jones • Emmanuel King • Raquel Rosser

Diane Sellers • Aries Simone

Londale Theus • Joahn Webb • Nina Womack

Tenere Williams • Kamille Wyatt


Nancy Cheryll Davis

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