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"The Black Experience: A Collection Of Our Stories - Part 2"


5th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival

February 3rd – 19th, 2012

12 GREAT 10-Minute Plays!

Selected from submissions nationwide


Your favorite plays votes are in! And the winners are...

  1. Libba Beaucham - "An Idle Fancy" (View winner's page.)

  2. Amina Henry - "The Paper Swan"

  3. Ashford J. Thomas - "V Day"

  4. Cliff Gober - "The Anniversary"


Congratulations to our Brilliant Playwrights!

Festival Theme

"The Black Experience– Colored, Negro, Black, African-American; a collection of our stories.”

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Kevin Allesee • Thomas Bell • Erika Bowman • Tené Carter

Laura Castle • Barika A. Croom • Amber Dixon

Darius L. Dudley • Robin Ray Eller • David Ghilardi

Darline Ann Harris • Siranush Harutunyan • Mark V. Jones

Emmanuel King • Mike Lilley • Mack Miles • Jerrel O’Neal

Christine Marie Quigless • Raquel Rosser • Julie Rothman

Lynndi Scott • Jah Shams • Jan-David Souter • Teressa Taylor

Londale Theus • Ashford J. Thomas • Veronica Thompson

Lisa Wharton • Daisun Cohn-Williams • Kevin Yarbrough


Production Stage Manager: Sarah A. Bauer



Director: Nancy Cheryll Davis


Twisted Dance by Porcha Evans

The dysfunctional relationship of ex-lovers, Sherry and Sean, comes to a head in an explosive fight during which all their skeletons are exposed.


The Paper Swan by Amina Henry

On their six-month anniversary, Kyle insists that Ramona remove the paper bag she has worn over her face since they met through the internet. 


A Line of Malarky by Larry Parr

Two women meet at a yard sale and discover they have a lot more in common than either could have imagined when it comes to dead husbands.



Director: Raf Mauro


An Idle Fancy by Libba Beaucham

A Victorian era husband and wife discuss the great risks of having love in marriage.



Director: Veronica Thompson


Way Home by Leah Halper

True life heroine Fanny Lou Hamer risked all to vote as an African-American Mississippi woman in the 1960s. Run out of town for her voter-registration activities, Fanny Lou returns to settle up with her husband.


Fat Dumb White Girl by Asher Wyndham

A young couple's relationship is tested over whether or not Vee-Jay, the Black boyfriend, called his girlfriend Janelle a "fat dumb white girl."

Director: Tony Robinson


The Anniversary by Cliff Gober

Estranged husband and wife, Ashton and Nicole, come together for the last time to observe the anniversary of a tragic event.


V Day by Ashford J. Thomas

For Travis and Chuck, Valentine’s Day is the most hazardous day of the year.



Director: Mark V. Jones


First to the Egg by Colette Freedman

A nerdy sperm convinces a self-important egg

that he is "the one."


Out in the Open by Irene Ziegler

Days before the wedding, a black bride learns that her white groom’s father was involved in a racially motivated crime, but was never prosecuted.



Director: Dan Martin


Higher ED by Karla Sorenson

A couple is influenced by the ubiquitous voice

of a TV pitch person selling remedies for their intimacy problems.



Director: Angela Batravil


Venus and Mars - Date Night by Angela Batravil

One young couple’s farce-filled routine of

“break up to make up.”

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