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"The Black Experience: A Collection Of Our Stories - Part 2"


5th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival

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Favorite Play Winner

“An Idle Fancy”

by Libba Beaucham

A Victorian era husband and wife discuss the great risks of having love in marriage.

Tongue-and-cheek "double entendre" provided the winning formula for this festival audience favorite.

Congratulations, Libba!

Libba Beaucham debuts her whimsical writing voice with the Towne Street Theatre by participating in this year’s 10-Minute Play Festival with her piece, An Idle Fancy..

Age 22, Ms Beaucham is an undergraduate student at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia fulfilling her degree in Theatre and minor in Creative Writing. Her writing includes an emphasis on humor as she aspires to pursue sketch comedy.


Libba's other short plays have been performed at Converse College in Spartanburg, South Carolina and Columbus State University. Her play After You was also recognized at as “play of the month.”


Libba studied in England for a semester which helped shape both An Idle Fancy and After You. Other influences include creating scenes from haiku, enjoying classical music, and viewing life from an objective perspective.


She is ever grateful to professor Brent Glen at Converse College for introducing her to playwrighting, and to Columbus State professors Dr. Becky Becker and Haley Rice.


Libba spends most of her writing time in a local downtown coffee shop. 

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