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TST Childern's Musical Theater Camp

The Best Of TST Kids

Musical Theater Workshop

2009 - July & August

The Best of TST Kids 2009 Musical Theatre Workshop

"Showcasing a decade of TST Kids' most memorable performances"

From 1999 to 2008, we had 10 years of memorable performances...

2009 seems like the perfect time to showcase the best of TST Kids!

The Best of TST Kids is an EXCITING THEATRICAL JOURNEY, unlike any kid's musical workshop TST has ever offered.TBOTK revisits Broadway Show Scenes, Songs, Dances, and Magical Moments from our Sparkling Decade of Towne Street Musical Theatre Camp performances. 


Expert Instruction from Broadway & Entertainment Professionals in...

All Your Favorite TST Instructors can't wait to see Returning Campers & meet NEW Friends


Get ready for the most FUN TST Summer EVER!

Workshop Dates 
July 11 - August 22, 2009


ACTING – musical theatre performance / dialogue / character study 
DANCE – choreographed routines / specialized movement for individual characters 
VOICE – proper singing technique / projection / solo and group singing


Minus the restrictions of one full-scale production, TBOTK showcases a carousel of different musicals. A uniquely designed minimalist set, plus stunning, yet elemental costuming, makes this possible. Returning campers can tackle parts they didn't perform previously! Multiple campers can perform the same role! Our instructors will be able to give more individual attention – and most importantly – 


This approach truly allows EVERY CHILD their chance to SHINE!

NEW! For the first time, TBOTK Camp Participants will pen ALL the narration for our Final Showcase! Based on workshop research, students will create original dialogue linking scenes, and lending additional insight into their characters.

Saturday August 15, 2009  •  Sunday August 16, 2009
1pm & 4pm  •  1pm & 4pm 

The Best of TST Kids Company
Romann Anderson • Alissa Andrade • Kierah Boone
  Brad Bracy • Angelica Chew • Mahalia Chew • Christine Crosby
  Lydia Michelle DeCoud • Tony II Lorrich • Tony III Lorrich
 Juliet Parker • Isabelle Smith • Sierra Wesson
Joshua Williams • Kamile Wyatt
Conceived & Directed by
Nancy Renee & Nancy Cheryll Davis 
Choreographer: Brian Evaret Chandler
Musical Director: Deborah Sharpe-Taylor  
Camp Assistants
Veronica McClelland • Victoria Parker • Elena Muslar

Breyanna Robinson

Program Design
Harriet A. Dickey

Nancy Cheryll Davis, Nancy Renee, Nathaniel Bellamy

Thank you so much for making this year’s show so wonderful, as always.


WheneverI do a show with Towne Street, I always feel like the only thing that I want to do after is be on Broadway. It is so inspiring. I loved every song we did, all of my favorite songs from musicals. I love that everyone got to perform their own song. There aren’t a lot of theater groups for kids that do that.


I feel like Towne Street is my family. Everyone is so warm and greets you like they haven’t seen you in years. I know for sure that I want to be involved with Towne Street when I am 90 years old. The people in Towne Street are the nicest group of people that I have ever met in my life.


Another thing that I loved was that only a few rehearsals, we pulled together something that magical that was a blast. That is just TST’s way of doing things. This has been my 5th year being involved with Towne Street, and I have loved participating in it from the beginning, at every age. Some theater groups only focus on younger kids, or only focus on older kids, and I can say that, from being on both sides of it, Towne Street does both. I think that all the kids feed off each other’s energy, which always makes the shows just that much better.


I talk to at least one person from Towne Street every day, and we always talk about what shows we are going to do next summer.






December 3, 2009


Dear Nancy and the TST Team,


I just had to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the TST Team for the outstanding 2009 Summer Camp Program that my granddaughter, Alissa Andrade, attended for the first time.


After the first rehearsal, Alissa, who is usually shy and retiring, was excited, talkative and obviously motivated to become fully committed to the program. She never missed a rehearsal and approached and practiced her role in the play with diligence and enthusiasm. She still proudly wears her TST t-shirt and frequently reminds me that she wants to be a a part of the program again, next year.


I can’t say enough good things about the professionalism and dedication of the TST Team. It was truly gratifying to observe Alissa grow in confidence and self-esteem as she received expert training in the performing arts. Our family and friends were “blown away” by Alissa’s performance during the production of “The Best Of TST.”


TST Summer Camp Program was such a positive and rewarding experience for Alissa. As a result of that experience, she is now auditioning for parts in school plays and is really feeling good about herself.


Thank you so much for offering such a rich and vital program to our community.



Olga Weise

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