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TST Children's Musical Theater Camp

Disney’s Beauty & The Beast


Music by: Alan Menken
Lyrics by: Howard Ashman and Tim Rice
Book by: Linda Woolverton


Words of Appreciation

Dear Nancy Renee, Brian, Deborah and Harriet
(and everyone else at TST who helped with B&B) ...

I have delayed getting a note of appreciation to you because of a busy start to the school year, but I haven’t stopped thinking about the magical production of Beauty and the Beast you put on a month ago. It was kind of miraculous … really … two-and-a-half weeks of rehearsal WITH KIDS and THAT kind of result!?!? The kids were so happy during the process, so excited about their wonderful costumes, about each other, about working toward that show. And of course, both performances were beautiful: every child seemed to be having a good time on stage; the amount of talent that you brought out in those kids was staggering; and the audience was thoroughly entertained during every second of the whole.

I’m not quite sure how you managed to pull all of that off. I think you must have stayed up all night for three weeks working out every detail. You certainly gave the kids a lot they will keep with them forever. Isabel, Tony II and Tony III talk all the time about B&B and can’t wait ‘til next year. Of course I have to plan our summer around the cornerstone of Towne Street Theatre Camp. Nothing must interfere with even as much as a day of that!! Believe me I KNOW that!

Gillian Smith




Nancy, I would like to take this opportunity to say what a well produced, directed, and performed Play. I have NEVER seen such a great performance with a group of youngsters!! Me and my grandchildren thoroughly enjoyed the performance. I applaud you and your team for a wonderful afternoon of entertainment.

Barbara Taylor




I thought the production was amazingly well done and to have pulled it off with just two weeks of rehearsal...was, as they say, awesome! I, too, thought the production did, in fact, showcase the children aptly. (I am not a parent so there were probably more singers and/or dancers who would have been able to showcase their talents in cameos in a review.) However, the fact that two very young boys--the father and the clock--were cast in roles that paired them with older and taller children brought out and sustained the quirky eccentricities of each character was, in fact, brillantly hilarious. I could go on and on...

That this has brought on a dialogue is great. I would vote for being open to both...a full scale production/play one year ...written by... with the kids themselves and a review production another.

Nonetheless....keep it up. It was memorable...and all are to be congratulated.

Rosalind Goddard




I really could not believe my eyes. The kids are extraordinarily talentet. The singing the acting ... it was all so professionally done! I kept saying how did they do this in 2 weeks ... My Alex ( pepper shaker) can't wait to get back next summer. She grew a lot from this experience. Thank you.

Kimberly Sanford




Hello Nancy,

Congratulations to you and your team on a wonderful presentation of "Beauty and the Beast." I know you are proud of the effort put forth by the children in the camp. The Towne Street Theatre leadership did an amazing job with them, and I wish you much success with future Towne Street productions.

Euvonka Warren




Dear TST Faculty, Staff & Campers,

By George you did it! For someone who saw your early presentations at St. Brigid’s, I watched with great pride your awe-inspiring production of "Beauty & The Beast." I was impressed by your nerve, verve, and audacity; I left the theatre on a real high!

May your dreams of a facility of your own become a reality. I only wish I could do more.

God’s grace and peace to you all.
Doris Dyer

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