SEASON 27 - 2020

Towne Street Theatre's


Corona and Other Maladies is part of TST’s Virtual Summer Series via the TST Virtual Salon.

Towne Street Theatre (TST), lifts at-home audiences’ spirits during the strangest of times with a presentation of Corona and Other Maladies on Zoom. The timely collection of six short plays explores aspects of life as we know it now.


Transcending the ordinary “talking heads” performance that is typical of theatre on Zoom, Towne Street’s actors bring their characters to life with sets and costumes created in their own homes. The result is a true, “fly-the-wall” entertainment experience that audiences will not soon forget.

Showtimes are

Saturday, August 15th at 7pm


Sunday, August 16th at 4pm.

Tickets are available on a “pay-what-you-can” basis at

The show is directed by TST Artistic Director Nancy Cheryll Davis and produced by Davis, Nancy Renee, Kristina Roth, Maimouna Camara and Teressa Taylor.

Intermolecular Forces by Rachael Carnes

A mom tries (and mostly fails) to do it all: Work, family, more family, squirrels and more. Who knew that the end of the world would be so... BUSY?

Cast: Starina Johnson

Zoombies by Madeline Puccioni

What if the living dead walk among us? And, what if Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is one of the walking, Zooming dead?

Cast: Justin Gubersky, Daphne Jones, Karen Therese Law, Akshaya Pattanayak, Colette Rosario

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight by Laurie Allen

Quarantining and wedding planning is a questionable mix. Savannah's attempt a hair dressing and a bad reaction from her parents may jeopardize the festivities. The question is: What does the groom think?

Cast: Melissa Kay Anderson, Michele Tannen, Twon Pope and Rich Fullman

The Birds are Feeding Me by Rex McGregor

A banker working at home in his apartment wants to stop a neighbor from feeding sparrows on her balcony. But, he may end up doing far more good than he ever imagined.

Cast: RJ Wayne, Kira Hoag and Nancy Rowe.

Coming to You Live by Laurie Allen

Jade, a social media influencer, attempts to balance managing her livestream with being a wife to her husband, Chad. Chad attempts to get his share of attention as his wife becomes more immersed in her online success. Can the couple handle constantly being in each other’s presence in the age of quarantine?

Cast: Samantha Clay and Andrew Cudzilo

The Virus You Know by Tony Robinson

Colleen Campbell is locked in, locked down, armed with high-octane disinfectant, and she’s willing to report anyone who isn't social-distancing. Unless Covid-19 comes through the television, she has all her bases covered. Or, does she?

Cast: Carolynn Middleton, Jacqueline Castaneda, Teressa Taylor, Paul Stanley

The Plays

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