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SEASON 12 - 2005

Summer Dreams

In association with SB Ink and Tonic 79 

A short film adapted from the fourth play in the six play cycle "Summers In Suffolk" by Sheri Bailey, which chronicles the rich life of four Tidewater families.


Directors: Nancy Cheryll Davis & Robert Alford

Writer: Sheri Bailey

Editor: Nathaniel Bellamy


Screening: 13th Annual Pan African Film and Arts Festival. Los Angeles. February10-21, 2005. 


SEASON 9 - 2002

Yo Alien!

In association with Daughters 2 Feed Productions

Director: Foster Corder

Producer: Nathaniel Bellamy


A sci-fi thriller starring Tichina Arnold, Cylk Cozart and Harrison Page. With Sy Richardson and Aloma Wright. Special cameo appearance: Wilt Chamberlain.


Part of the 2002 Pan African Film Festival and San Francisco Black Film Festival.

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