SEASON 28 - 2021


Join us in celebrating Sum Poetry's 3rd Anniversary Event!

We are creating a space for spoken word that will center on the legacy and future of poetry.

Spoken word, poetry, monologues, and the simple and raw performance of telling a story has a history that has expanded for centuries and continues to be powerful as it cements our beginnings, middles, and ends.


Enjoy the incredible work of our poets as they delve into their legacy of words, and how they are molding their future as spoken word artists.

Sum Poetry is live on

Sunday, July 18th at 4 pm via Zoom

Brought to you by TST Virtual Salon

Curated by: Maimouna Camara

Hosted by: RJ Wayne

Produced by: Maimouna Camara, Nancy Cheryll Davis, Nancy Renee, Teressa Taylor, Veronica Thompson, Kristina Roth