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SEASON 28 - 2021


The reading of Sleep Well, My Lady was a HIT!

The reading was held September 19th at 4 pm.

Greetings from Ghana. Feels great to be here. Ayekoo! Great job!


Amazing production and great music choices!


Fantastic work everyone! Congratulations!


Brava/Bravo/Hurrah Everybody...Excellent!


Well Done!!!! | Outstanding… | Terrific!


Fabulous acting!

Great work everyone, y'all better act!!


I've read every one of Kwei Quartey's books. So excited to see this presentation. Congratulations to all!


As usual, the cast was excellent and I loved the Ghanaian accents!


Nancy your direction is always so flawless, especially with such a large cast.


The performance was fabulous.


I had read the book more than once but I was riveted to the screen. I realized at the end that I had been hunched over thru the whole show.


The actors were engrossed in their roles and brought their characters to life... It was incredibly exciting.


We are excited to bring you excerpts from author Kwei Quartey's mystery, Sleep Well, My Lady, which is the follow-up to his acclaimed series debut, The Missing American. This time, PI Emma Djan investigates the death of a Ghanaian fashion icon and social media celebrity, Lady Araba.


Hard-hitting talk show host Augustus Seeza is dating the imposing, beautiful Lady Araba, who leads a self-made fashion empire. Araba’s religious family believes Augustus is after her money and intervenes to break them up. A few days later, just before a major runway show, Araba is found murdered in her bed. Her driver is arrested after a hasty investigation, but Araba’s favorite aunt, Dele, has always thought Augustus Seeza was the real killer...


A mystery in the best definition of the genre, Mr. Quartey's Sleep Well, My Lady is full of betrayal, secrets, twists, and deception that you don't want to miss. One day only!

The ensemble includes Melissa Anderson, Amani Atkinson, Wil Bowers, Major Culbert, KPD, Sonia Jackson, Leslie Miller Jenkins, Tamara Koltes, Raymond Mitchell, Tiffany Oglesby, Twon Pope, Valira Sa Ra, Chris Smith, William Warren, Erin Nicole Washington, and RJ Wayne.


Direction & Casting by Nancy Cheryll Davis


Produced by Nancy Cheryll Davis, Nancy Renee, Kristina Roth, Teressa Taylor, and Veronica Thompson

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Learn more about author, Kwei Quartey,

on his website.

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