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SEASON 22 - 2015


April 12, 2015 @ 4:00 p.m.


By Kwei Quartey

Directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis

Location: Stella Adler Theatre, 6773 Hollywood Blvd., LA 90028

Cost: $10 suggested donation

Accra’s hotshot Detective Inspector Darko Dawson returns to solve a complex mystery that will take him out of the city to the beautiful coasts of Ghana, where a grim double-murder seems to have larger political implications.

A canoe washes up at a Ghanaian off-shore oil rig site. Inside it are the bodies of a prominent, wealthy couple, Charles and Fiona Smith-Aidoo, who have been ritualistically murdered. Pillars in their community, they are mourned by everyone, but especially by their niece Sapphire. She is not happy that months have passed since the murder and the local police have made no headway in figuring out who committed the gruesome crime.


Detective Inspector Darko Dawson of the Accra police force is sent out to Cape Three Points to investigate. The more he learns about the case, the more convoluted it becomes. Three Points has long been occupied by traditional fishing populations, but real estate entrepreneurs and wealthy oil companies have been trying to bribe the indigenous inhabitants to move out. Dawson unearths a host of motives for murder, ranging from personal vendettas to corporate conspiracies.

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Kwei Quartey

About the Author


Kwei Quartey is a crime fiction writer and physician living in Pasadena, California. Having practiced medicine for more than 20 years while simultaneously working as a writer, he has attained noteworthy achievements in both fields. Dr. Quartey balances the two professions by dedicating the early morning hours to writing before beginning a day in his clinic. Kwei Quartey attended medical school at Howard University in Washington, D.C. In 1990, he began practicing medicine in California with HealthCare Partners. Dr. Quartey later founded the facility’s wound care center while working as an urgent care physician.


As a crime fiction writer, Kwei Quartey made the Los Angeles Times Bestseller List in 2009. The following year, the G.O.G. National Book Club awarded him the title of Best Male Author. Having published Wife of the Gods (2009), Children of the Street (2011), Murder at Cape Three Points (2014), he anticipates publication of the fourth Darko Dawson novel in the series, Gold of the Fathers, in early January 2016. Death at the Voyager Hotel, a mystery e-novella not belonging to the series, was published July 2013. Dr. Quartey is also a member of the Los Angeles chapter of Sisters in Crime, a fiction writers’ organization.


To learn more about Kwei Quartey visit


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About the Director


Alumna of the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre of San Francisco & Lincoln Center Directors Lab West, Nancy is a critically-acclaimed director and producer. Sample credits - Jackleg, Sister Cities, Langston & Nicolas (conception and direction), Nevis Mountain Dew, Joleta, and Millennium in Black  (conception and direction). Winner: NAACP Best Actress for Passing, based on Nella Larsen's 1920s novella  (conception and producer). PassingSOLO, her one woman show, has been published by Northwestern University Press. Best Actress Nominee: Flyin West / St. Louis Repertory, NAACP Best Ensemble Nominee for The Bow Wow Club / Stella Adler Theatre. Film and television sample credits: Hollywood Shuffle, Menace to Society, I'm Gonna Get You Sucker, Dexter, 1600 PENN and The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson.

Nancy Cheryll Davis


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