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Nancy Davis, Nancy Renee: You guys have had so much of an impact on so many TST kids, too, many of which are pursuing theatre because of TST.


I can say the direct impact it has had on me: my first summer camp we did basically a Duke Ellington review and so many great songs were performed...(Ain't Misbehavin', Sophistocated Lady, In My Solitude, etc.). This kind of music has brought so much joy to my life since.


I am a jazz major in college and I can trace this back all the way to that first summer with you guys. I'd probably be studying some sort science or some shit if it weren't for New York Stories!!!! Elena Muslar, Tony Lorrich II, Tony Lorrich III.

Isabel Smith

University of California, Berkley 


"TST is not only a theatre company that I've belonged to for the past 20 years, it has also afforded me a great many opportunities to grow professionally both on the stage and off..."

Veronica Thompson



"With so few theatres producing plays by African American playwrights, Towne Street is an invaluable asset to those of us writing about the Black experience."

Barbara White Morgan


"Having been a part of Towne Street since 2001, TST has meant so much for me. I've had the wonderful opportunity to be creative within the arts; whether I'm Writing, Directing, constructing a Set, or Acting; I've been afforded the opportunity to flex my artistic muscles ..."

Mark V. Jones



Zoe Cotton


"I have been a member of Towne Street Theatre (TST) since 2003. I was excited when I was accepted as a member and I’m happy to say I’m still an excited, invigorated, and a much more confident member in 2014. So young or not so young…I personally invite you to audition for membership in TOWNE STREET THEATRE."

Tony "Dr. Bombay" Robinson



"Although I am currently living out of Los Angeles, Towne Street Theatre is still a major influence in my creative life. Every single week my acting students benefit from all I gained with TST. I regale them with examples of Towne Street's high standards of excellence in acting, production and close personal relationships. Even from 1850 miles away, the spirit of Towne Street Theatre is making a difference in the lives of those who will carry theater into the future..."

The two Nancys, Nancy Davis and Nancy Renee, and all of TST, you have such a deep legacy in the LA area. The sparks you've lit, the lives you touched and your influence continues to grow. Thanks for your passion and gifts to the arts. I've watched my son blossom after 7 TST summer theatre programs. His love of acting, his voice, theatre presence, and a lot of self confidence grew from these early experiences. Thanks, TST. Joshua Boyd Williams' first show was at Saint Bridget's Church, I believe. It had sons from Annie and featured Elena Muslar. Way back when!

Carolyn W.

"There is no doubt that my year--going on two years--with TST has made me a more intuitive performer, a more motivated producer, and a more confident person of color. I have never felt such camaraderie as I do here..."

Patricia Fructuoso


"The productions and programs gives me the opportunity to continue to hone in on my skills, experiment,and reach out to industry personnel. TST has provided the resources and forum for growth and expansion; a never- ending tool desired by actors serious about their craft."

Johan Webb


Jackie Marriott


"What it means to be a TST member: It means exposure to a loyal audience that includes industry. Valuable networking and building of lasting friendships and working relationships. Growth and enrichment in other areas of entertainment production(ie. production, writing, stage managing and lighting). Fun and Family!!!"

Diane Sellers


"I am so happy to have found Towne Street. Here in the film and television town of Hollywood, people tend to put very light emphasis on theatre. Towne Street, where the founders know good theatre and produce good works, has been a sanity-saver for me - both artistically and personally, because TST is like my home away from home!"

"I feel blessed to be a part of a theatre family that has helped me to maintain my sanity; promote my artistic growth, and receive good VIBES that helps shield against the negative energy of the business."



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