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SEASON 22 - 2015


Sunday, November 8, 2015 from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


By: Pamela Samuels Young


TST is honored to present a Staged Reading of Pamela Samuels Young's new novel “Lawful Deception.” 


Directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis.

Produced by Jamiyon Parker & Pamela Samuels Young in association with TST.

Production Assistant: Jael Saran


Location: Crystal Ballroom of the Best Western Golden Sails Hotel - Long Beach, CA.


Come and enjoy light refreshments as actors from Towne Street Theatre bring Pamela's beloved characters alive right before your eyes!

"I wanted to thank you for my best book release event ever! People are still texting and emailing me about how wonderful it was. All the actors were fabulous! It was so much fun to see my make-believe characters come to life."


Thanks again!

Pamela Samuels Young

"Pamela Samuels Young has crafted a page-turner that will keep you engrossed until the very last page. If you’re a fan of smart legal thrillers with brisk pacing, crackling dialogue and edgy, intriguing characters, Lawful Deception is for you.”

- Dwayne Alexander Smith, Award-winning Author of Forty Acres


Once again, award-winning author Pamela Samuels Young delivers another captivating legal thriller full of unexpected twists and jaw-dropping moments you never see coming.


The beautiful Bliss Fenton won't be winning any awards for Mother of the Year. Truth is, motherhood isn't nearly as important to Bliss as the cottage industry she's created: extorting wealthy men for the hefty child support she can collect. But Bliss' greed goes too far when she takes on Fletcher McClain. The handsome music industry mogul refuses to accept her conniving conduct lying down. He retains high-profile attorney Vernetta Henderson to sue Bliss for fraud. 


Enter Bliss’ unscrupulous attorney, Girlie Cortez, who has a personal score to settle with Vernetta. As the two lawyers once again go head-to-head, their legal battle quickly escalates from merely contentious to downright deadly. 

Pamela Samuels Young

About the Author

Pamela Samuels Young - 2014 NAACP Image Award Winner.



When attorney and author Pamela Samuels Young isn’t practicing law, you can usually find her penning her next legal thriller. Described by one reviewer as “John Grisham with a sister’s twist,” Pamela is an award-winning author of six legal thrillers.


The prolific writer has always abided by the philosophy that you create the change you want to see. Fed up with never seeing women or people of color depicted as savvy, hotshot attorneys in the legal thrillers she read, Pamela decided to create her own characters. Despite the demands of a busy legal career, the Compton, California native accomplished her ambitious goal by ising at 4 a.m. to write before work, dedicating her weekends to writing and even spending her vacation time glued to her laptop for ten or more hours a day. In the process, she discovered her passion.


A frequent speaker on the topics of sex trafficking, fiction writing and pursuing your passion, Pamela lives in the Los Angeles area and attends Hope in Christ Community Church in Compton. To read an excerpt of her books or to schedule her for a speaking engagement or book club meeting via Skype, visit her website at or e-mail her publicist.

About the Director

Nancy Cheryll Davis

Alumna of the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre of San Francisco & Lincoln Center Directors Lab West, Nancy is a critically-acclaimed director and producer. Sample credits - Jackleg, Sister Cities, Langston & Nicolas (conception and direction), Nevis Mountain Dew, Joleta, and Millennium in Black  (conception and direction). Winner: NAACP Best Actress for Passing, based on Nella Larsen's 1920s novella  (conception and producer). PassingSOLO, her one woman show, has been published by Northwestern University Press. Best Actress Nominee: Flyin West / St. Louis Repertory, NAACP Best Ensemble Nominee for The Bow Wow Club / Stella Adler Theatre. Film and television sample credits: Hollywood Shuffle, Menace to Society, I'm Gonna Get You Sucker, Dexter, 1600 PENN and The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson.

Nancy Cheryll Davis


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