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IN RESPONSE: PART III was a massive hit!

The TST theatrical experience is always moving; with skilled, bold yet ethereal artists, as a general rule. This production of ‘In Response Part III,’ on June Thirteenth, was no exception, and perhaps even moves the bar a little bit, if that were possible.


Spread the word to your friends across the country — it’s easy now to see and support them online, without city and state boundaries. (The heart has no boundaries.) After 28 years, they’ve earned it.

Steve Meek

Los Feliz & Silver Lake

Community Guide


Amazing as usual. great writing and performances!


Beautiful work everyone!


Exceptional work as always!


Just want to say these plays were all great. Enjoyable. Thoughtful. I so enjoyed watching theatre via Zoom. I never would have thought... Good job!


Running out of adjectives to describe the excellence of the work! Applause, Applause, Applause!!!!


What a great show!! Most incredible artists!! Thanks again for stoking the muses and sharing your talents. Phenomenal work, thank you for your artistry! Fabulous performances!!


What an exceptional event. Thank you!


Very creative. I don't live in LA anymore, so glad I was able to see a TST show again. Came to support Erin and came away a fan of all the others. Glad I came! It was a wonderful performance.


I'd love to see it again. It's storytelling!! Riveting performances!


I loved the intersectionality.


I came here to support Karen but I enjoyed the great work from everyone! I learned so much and really enjoyed listening to everyone share their stories :)


Thank you for bringing us those wonderful plays!

The Ensemble

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The Writers

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The Directors

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The Production Team

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The Plays

There Was A Time

by Judi Beecher

A cop harasses a black woman who in turn shares a life changing revelation for them both.

Directed by: Karen Therese
Cast: Justin Gubersky, Joahn Webb

Trader Jericho's Interview

by Peter Pasco

In the summer of 2020 a young man eagerly looking for work during a pandemic and time of great social upheaval interviews for a position at a very popular chain, Trader Jericho’s.

Director: RJ Wayne
Cast: Fox Worth


We Jump Broom

by Mildred Lewis

Two enslaved women under threat of sale decide to marry under the stars in the Dahomey tradition.

Director: Nancy Cheryll Davis
Cast: Erin Washington, Charlotte Williams


You Don't See Me, You Don't Hear Me, You Don't Know Me and other things we don't say out loud

by Tony Robinson

A three-way dialogue about America between one person who is wise, one who is wondering, and one who is fed up.

Director: Tony Robinson
Cast: Kiziana Jean-Louis, Daphne Jones, William Warren

June 13th


The In Response series was developed by TST in 2015 as our theatre's response to current events affecting our community. It does not shy away from controversy in its short plays and monologues as it approaches racism and its consequences by connecting historical context with the present moment. Audiences will leave reflecting on the chain of systemic racism in the United States and the pitfalls and possibilities of our current time in history.

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