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"I'm in Colorado and so appreciated the opportunity to share the much needed ART and Consciousness that you are providing to communities across America and beyond. (This presentation needs to go VIRAL!!! - I'll ask my computer friends what it's going to take to make that happen. ) Peace & Prosperity to All."

"Everything about this evening's performance was wonderful.
The artwork and music at the start was really creative, the zoom presentation was seamless, and the performances were excellent. Please extend my thanks to everyone involved for a great evening of theater."

“TST’s In Response was a thought provoking production that brought the audience moments that ranged from clever and comical to solemn and poignant. The shorts allowed the audience to travel across time and space, and gave peeks into different Black experiences, systems of injustice, and societal perceptions. Bravo to the cast and crew of In Response 2021!”


"Great Show, wonderful material, wonderful cast, love you guys. :)"


"This is amazing!"

"Great format. Could focus on the players and dialogue and the energy between. Loving on you all. Will definitely support. Fabulous music. Thank you so much."

"Fantastic job everyone!"

"What a Great Show! BRAVO & KUDOS! The mix of plays and monologues are perfect for the time. I loved everything about this evening!"

"I enjoyed it even more the second time around..."

"This has been a wonderful conversation. And a great production! Thank you so much for your consistently thoughtful work, TST!!"


"It literally moved me to tears. You’re a community gem!  The pre-show graphics and music really lent something extraordinary to the evening. If  you can move someone on less than half of six inch screen on an iPhone... you’re doing something right. That’s something special and rare..."


"Great job everyone, from the actors, to the directors, to the producers, to the editors, and film crew! Another great TST show!"


"I  wanted to tell you how amazing the performances were today. The acting, writing, directing, and curating- all very powerful."


The In Response series was developed by TST in 2015 as our theatre's response to current events affecting our community. It does not shy away from controversy in its short plays and monologues as it approaches racism and its consequences by connecting historical context with the present moment. Audiences will leave reflecting on the chain of systemic racism in the United States and the pitfalls and possibilities of our current time in history.

The Ensemble

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Not Pictured

Nikki Ryan

The Writers

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The Production Team

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The Plays

Brave Blood
by Rich Rubin
When the American Red Cross decides to segregate the military's blood supply based on race, Dr. Charles R. Drew — the nation's foremost expert on blood banking — points out the illogic and stands up for what's right.

Flying the Flag
by George Corbin
An African-American attending the University of South Carolina, generated controversy during 2012, when he placed a Confederate flag in the window of his dorm room. He insisted it merely represented and honored the “Old South” and was not a symbol of oppression.

The Many Masks Of ‘Rona
by Barbara White-Morgan
A family navigates the reality of the Coronavirus through multiple ICU shifts, podcasts and tattoos.

Sitting Tall
by Rich Rubin
Rosa Parks refuses to move to the back of the bus — and the rest is history.

Sharon’s Prayer
by Peter Pasco
During the summer of 2020 a “progressive” woman, Sharon, prays to God for guidance on how to handle her extended family, how to be an example for her kids, and how to be an ally.

Again by Niki Ryan


Black Mantra by Alisa Murray


Let's Have A Conversation by Nia Robinson

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