SEASON 28 - 2021

A celebration of Women's International

History Month!

Join us for a powerful collection of short plays about women.

The Plays


Happy Tuesday

During Tia Sylvia's weekly visit with her niece Christina, secrets are revealed that will change the family forever.

written and directed by Carmelita Maldonado

Cast: Jacqueline Castañeda, Maricella Ibarra, Sylvia L. Chavez

Carmelita Maldonado
Writer & Director
Jacqualine Castaneda
Maricella Ibarra
Sylvia Chavez
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Partner Of

Monticello, VA, 1787 — 14-year-old Sally Hemings is made ready by her mother and the ghost of her grandmother, to accompany Thomas Jefferson, who is 30 years older than she is, to Paris.

written by Rachael Carnes

directed by Nancy Renee

Cast: Shannon Foster, Teressa Taylor, Veronica Thompson

Rachael Carnes
Nancy Renee
Shannon Foster
Teressa Taylor
Veronica Thompson
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Expression of Regret

Three Chinese American women wonder if the end of the Chinese Exclusion Act and the U.S. government’s apology for it will make it easier to breathe.

written by Christine Toy Johnson

directed by Alice Tuan

Cast: Debbie Fan, Nancy Ma, Lee Chen

Christine Toy Johnson
Alice Tuan
Nancy Ma
Lee Chen
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What if... Suffragist leader Alice Paul had listened to Mary Overton and Ida B. Wells --- and included "colored women" in the historic Womens' Parade of 1913?

written by Madeline Puccioni

directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis

Cast: Starina Johnson, Michele Tannen, Valaira Sa-Ra, Samantha Clay

Madeline Puccioni
Nancy Cheryl Davis
Starina Johnson
Michele Tannen
Valaira Sa-Ra
Samantha Clay
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Harlem Top to Bottom

A woman shares her love for Harlem through a most unusual journey...

written by Jordan Young

performed by Ella Turenne

directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis

Jordan Young
Ella Turenne
Nancy Cheryl Davis
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During quarantine, a woman becomes reacquainted with herself and enjoys who she’s become.

written and performed by Tiffany Ogelsby

directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis

Tiffany Oglesby
Writer & Performer
Nancy Cheryl Davis
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The Technical Team

Maimouna Camara
Kristina Roth
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The Producers

Nancy Cheryll Davis, Kristina Roth, Maimouna Camara, Teressa Taylor, Nancy Renee and Veronica Thompson

Omg HERstory was WONDERFUL! So important and meaningful... 20th Studios Casting


So amazing. The talent and the subjects, so emotional and thought provoking.... just like theater should be.

Please give a special Thank You to Maimouna and Kristina for their Technical Expertise.  Without them, All of your Actor's work would be for naught.


Oh My Goodness! Excellent acting. I am talking back to the screen...


It was just beautiful! Thank you all so much for your stunning performances, gorgeous direction, and thank you Nancy and Nancy Renee for your vision and care. Such a great event! Love Towne Street!!!

Celebrating our 28th Season!


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