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SEASON 29 - 2022


Greek Tragedy Travels to the 21st Century


Experience a retelling of classic Greek tragedies through the lens of Towne Street Theatre, Los Angeles’ premiere African-American Theatre Company. This production of short plays explores drama, humor, love, and loss spanning from the Civil War to modern-day America. Experience engaging, complex, and rich stories showcasing diverse and brave voices.

Written by: Tony Robinson


Source: Lysistrata by Aristophanes

Time: Old West / 1870


Directed by: Nancy Cheryll Davis Bellamy

Isabella Estrada

The war between north and south is over, but the hostilities have moved to the western frontier. As the bodies mount, one woman has had enough. Isabella Estrada rallies the women to bring an end to the conflicts by withholding the one thing all their men want... and it ain’t whiskey.

Written by: Barbara White Morgan


Source: Medea by Euripides 

Time: 2022 / Belle Canto, an upscale California city


Directed by: Nancy Cheryll Davis Bellamy


Medea’s jealousy results into the ultimate tragedy and Black Twitter is all over it!

Written by: Mildred Inez Lewis


Source: Electra by Sophocles 

Time: 1940 -Mississippi Delta juke joint


Directed by: Nancy Cheryll Davis Bellamy


The cheapness in which Black life is held infects the house of Agamemnon in a 1940's Mississippi Delta juke joint.

Queen of Sorrows

It is 1864, and the South is losing the Civil War.  General Aldous Bremerton is forced to sell several of his two hundred slaves, including young Polly (Polyxena), to Major Achilles in order to pay his own regiment.   But Cynthia Bremerton, his wife, goes insane with grief, and begs him not to sell Polly, who has been gently raised as her "companion."  What is the terrible secret Cynthia has kept from her husband, and from Polly?  Has it caused the curse which murders their son Doros?  Can Polly and Cynthia escape  the wrath of Achilles  -- and the slave system which entraps them both --- and go North to live in Boston? Or is it already too late?

Written by: Madeline Daly Puccioni


Source: Hecuba by Euripides 

Time: 1864 - the American Civil War. The Acropolis – a plantation near Athens, Georgia   


Directed by: Veronica Thompson

Real Housewife of Trachis

A former beauty queen turned reality star confronts aging and her husband’s young mistress with tragic results.

Written by: Dara Harper


Source: Women of Trachis by Sophocles

Time: Summer 2021 / The largest mansion in a Beverly Hills neighborhood, home to the stars.  


Directed by: Veronica Thompson

Written by: Raymond Mitchell


Source: Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

Time: Detroit, 1968


Directed by: Veronica Thompson

The Fire Burns Deepest at Night

Unfolding in the midst of the Detroit '67 riots and a historic election, Cynthia falls for a sly congressman who may or may not be her son...

TST's return to live theatre was a triumph!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our SOLD OUT performances of External Forces in May.
And a very special thank you to A NOISE WITHIN for hosting us in our Return to Live Theatre in Two Years!


Praise From The Audience


"Clever, trenchant and engaging, External Forces imaginatively explores the contemporary truths in myth."



"So good!"


"I had a great time!"




"Thank you for an amazing ride down the Greek Tragedy lane! It was uniquely creative and I applaud all your efforts and talents External Forces was beautifully executed (loved what you did with the space as well), rich, and bold. What a treat to be immersed in these modern retelling of the Greeks."


"We really enjoyed our afternoon. It was great to witness Towne Street Theatre's work and community."


"Congrats on the return to LIVE theater!!!!"



Written and Directed by RJ Wayne

Members: Major Culbert, Alisa Murray, Melissa Kay Anderson, Skylar Silverlake, Amani Atkinson, Charlotte Williams-Roberts


Kristina Roth: Production Stage Management/Lighting Design

Kira Hoag: Asst. Stage Manager

Tony Robinson: Sound Design

David Mac: Assistant Sound Designer

Nancy Renee: Costume Design

RJ Wayne: Writer/Transition Chorus Verse


- Nancy Cheryll Davis-Bellamy

- Nancy Renee

- Teressa Taylor

- Veronica Thompson

Dara Harper.jpg
Fanbase Press interviewed Dara Harper on her play, Real Housewife of Trachis.
Read the interview!
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