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SEASON 17 - 2010

"Cool Negroes"



A brazenly hilarious 'Dramedy' tracing the shadows of 5 Black 60's Revolutionaries who sacrificed to make a difference. Establishment life is vexing enough with 1 Yuppie in their midst! But when 2 Buppy teens dare to terrorize their park, this Now Generation faces off against the Me Generation triggering a powerful chain of events ...

Folks fell in love with Cool Negroes!

My guest and I enjoyed the performance. I loved Dane.

Just a great job, Nancy.

A great job.

I wanted to tell you and the cast and crew of "Cool Negroes" that the show was wonderful! Everyone was really on.

I was there, I saw, I enjoyed “Cool Negroes” ... good writing, good directing, good acting. The beauty of TST – in terms of its vast experience, diverse talent and dedication – is yet to be made known to a wider audience: work like “Cool Negroes” will eventually reach them and they will be enriched by it.

It's a thought-provoking play addressing a recurring conversation among 'baby boomers' and 'young bloods' today...


Good Sound Design. Also Loved the music bumpers.

Overall – theatre is a wonderful and perfect alternative to any and every football Sunday, even the Super Bowl!  

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