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SEASON 29 - 2022

In August of 1930, a mob numbering ten to fifteen thousand white people dragged two African American teens, from their jail cells in Marion Indiana and lynched them on the courthouse grounds. The word went out that their bodies were to remain hanging to “send a message.”


Pastor J. E. Johnson and three other African American men from nearby Muncie, at a time when almost thirty percent of white Protestant men belonged to the Indiana Ku Klux Klan, defiantly drove to Marion, retrieved those bodies, and took them to be properly prepared for burial. This act of unheralded bravery has faded from memory… until now.


This new drama takes us behind the photograph and exposes the true story of that fateful day in August 1930. It, too, is a day that lives in infamy. A day that singer Billie Holiday immortalized in her heart-wrenching recording "Strange Fruit."

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Produced by:

Towne Street Theatre's Reading Series presents:

Black Annie and The Pastor

Written & Directed by Tony Robinson

February 27th at 4 pm, PST

Narrated by:

The Ensemble

Graphic Design by Jaimyon Parker

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