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Theme: "Women"


Enemy of My Enemy

Written and Directed by Mark V. Jones


Everyone has secrets and some skeletons were meant to remain forever hidden in the closet.  Four individuals are about to crash together on a course towards healing.  Sometimes…“there needs to be a collision to make an impact.” 


Cast: Samantha Clay, Tiffany Heard, Anthony Johnson, La'Chris Jordan, Erin Nicole Washington, Megan Weaver


Voted #2 Audience Favorite


Written by Vincent Durham

Directed by Nancy Renee


The short stage play NOW is a glimpse into the lives of three women of 1973. The Women’s Movement along with The National Organization for Women are both in full swing. Each woman, knowingly or not so knowingly, has their own take on the movement, each other, and their roles in life.


Cast: Samantha Clay, Tene Carter, Franceska Lynne

Pictured: Thomas Bell, Jackie Marriott

Voted #3 Audience Favorite

Black Coffee

Written by Deanna Ableser

Directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis


A woman and a man sitting in a coffee shop toy around with the idea of a simple kiss between strangers.


Cast: A. Russell Andrews, Thomas Bell, Jackie Marriott


*This play was double-cast.*

Pictured: Colette Rosario, Richard Warren

Tie - Voted #4 Audience Favorite


Written by Elena Naskova

Directed by Raf Mauro


Things turn nasty after Emily bakes brownies for her husband Roger and Roger refuses to have some.


Cast: Colette Rosario, Richard Warren


Pictured: BT Taylor, Barika Croom

Tie - Voted #4 Audience Favorite


Written by Julian Olf

Directed by Veronica Thompson


While interviewing for a key position, the glamorous Charlotte charms the boss then transforms herself into an avenging angel.


Cast: Barika Croom, Ray Dennis, Colette Rosario, B.T. Taylor, Veronica Thompson, Megan Weaver


*This play was double-cast.*


Pictured: Alexa Alexander, Jackie Marriott, Aissatou Diallo

At What Price

Written by Cheryl Navo

Directed by Veronica Thompson


Trudi has just been given the news that she has a BRCA1 genetic mutation that gives her a much higher than average chance of developing breast and ovarian cancer.  She has just left her doctor’s office where she learned the test results and was given the option of having a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.  While Trudi talks to her husband on the telephone, her logical Left Brain and intuitive Right Brain disagree on the best course of action.


Cast: Alexa Alexander, Aissatou Diallo, Jackie Marriott


Pictured: Megan Weaver

Crisis Line

Written by Dan Borengasser

Directed by Diane Sellers


Trish Foster, a suicidal caller to a crisis line, gets more than empathy and certainly more than she bargained for from volunteer crisis line counselor Sarah Collinsworth.


Cast: Jackie Marriott, Megan Weaver


Pictured: Diane Sellers, Nancy Renee

Freak Out

Written by Charlene A. Donaghy

Directed by Raf Mauro


Three old friends who lived through their tumultuous teens in the 1970s, their blossoming twenties in the 1980s, growing into their own as thirty-somethings in the 1990s, and now, as the decades whisk by at break-neck speed, turning fifty is about change and acceptance...or is it?  When one friend holds onto the past, do the others want to bring her into the present for her...or for themselves?


Cast: Nancy Cheryll Davis, Nancy Renee, Diane Sellers


Pictured: Carina Doyle, Diane Sellers

Grave Concerns

Written by George Corbin

Directed by Mark V. Jones


A widow decides to purchase an expensive burial plot next to the grave of her favorite comedian, rather than that of her deceased husband, which leads to a conflict with and ultimately a stronger bond with her daughter.


Cast: Carina Doyle, Diane Sellers, Erin Nicole Washington


*This play was double-cast.*


My Mother in the Mirror

Written by Cynthia Faith Arsenault

Directed by Kim Harrington


A daughter visits her elderly mother in a nursing home.  As her mother drifts in and out of lucidity,  the daughter struggles to define herself in view of her love of, identification with, and impending loss of her mother.


Cast: Franceska Lynne, Joahn Webb


Pictured: Joahn Webb, Franceska Lynne

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