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""The Black Experience: Past, Present & Future"


6th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival

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Favorite Play Winner

“The Abortion Clause”

by Mark V. Jones

In a not so distant future where no parents have gone before, James and Mary have devised a fail-safe plan to move “slacker” son Thomas into action!

Mark V. Jones wrote his first play, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Stay Clean, in the 6th grade for his mother’s birthday party. Mark played lead with his brothers and friends as the cast. As onlookers laughed and applauded it was clear that a career was born that day. 


In 2007, Mark made his writing debut with Towne Street Theatre’s first 10-Minute Play Festival.


His comical piece, Biscuit, CB and Whatshisface, told the story of three runaway slaves who escaped to freedom only to find that – in Galveston, Texas – they’ve actually been free for 2½ years.


That same year Mark’s full length play, Very Strange Fruit brought redemption to a black family in Union Springs, Alabama, who stood their ground against a long-time racist town sheriff.


In June 2012, TST produced the staged reading of Mark’s The In Verdict, wherein a black motorist is arrested and accused of killing a white LAPD officer. The story follows the effects of the murder case on the community and questions long-held stereotypes about both race and police presence in minority neighborhoods. 


Mark loves to spend his time writing and creating stories and characters, and reminds us, “We all have a story to tell … maybe one day I’ll read yours.”

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