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""The Black Experience: A Collection Of Our Stories"


4th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival

February 3rd – 20th, 2011



12 GREAT 10-Minute Plays!

Selected from submissions nationwide


Your favorite plays votes are in!

And the winners are...

  1. Bob Barnett - "Social Science" (View winner's page.)

  2. Harriet Dickey - "Intervention"

  3. David Lindsey - "I Dream Of Emmett Till"


Congratulations to our Brilliant Playwrights!

Festival Theme

"The Black Experience– Colored, Negro, Black, African-American; a collection of our stories.”



Director: Nancy Cheryll Davis


Babble Rousers by Barbara White Morgan

If the young people texting nearby didn't steal an old man’s language, then who did?


Follow by Michael Patrick Spillers

Angry protesters gather outside a restaurant that supported Prop 8. Inside, an interracial couple argues about marriage, civil rights, and their future together.


Secret Sisters by Veronica Thompson

Two sisters of different ethnicities finally confront the resentment and jealousy that has kept them apart.



Director: Nancy Renée


I Dream of Emmett Till by David Lindsey

In 1955 Mississippi, Emmett Till’s brutal murder shocked the world. Now in 2011, can the nation finally explore the crime details with open eyes?


The Conversation Café by Nicole L. Hill

When girlfriends reconnect, pleasantries soon disappear as each woman can't help but gossip each time one of them steps away.


Surprised by Stan Sellers

After 40 years of marriage, a couple discover it’s never too late to learn something about each other.

Director: Tony Robinson


Still Growing Up by Vonna Bowen

After 25 years of marriage, 60-year-old widow

Marie Winters braves 21st century dating.


Number 1 Recruit by Melvin Johnson

A Georgetown University basketball team recruit is mistaken for a terrorist.


Social Science by Bob Barnett

An African-American academic delivers a presentation only to discover his representative Black Man is really white, and his counterpart White Woman is really black.



Director: Veronica Thompson


Boo's Flowers by Kay Poiro

William has a black girlfriend. And he wants everybody to know it.


Intervention by Harriet Dickey

A well-meaning couple, just embarking on retirement, try tough love on their spoiled twenty-something daughter.



Director: Mark V. Jones


Souls to Take by Mark V. Jones

One mentally challenged youth and his adored older brother endeavor a path to healing.


Sarah Allyn Bauer • Thomas Bell • Wil Bowers • Zoe Cotton

Tamara L. Curry • Djakarta • Darius Dudley • Corey Jones • Mark V. Jones

John Kaisner • Viviane Ledesma • Franceska Lynne • Kenny McClain

Mack Miles • Dyane Pascal • Raquel Rosser • Eddie Ruiz

Lynndi Scott • Whit Spurgeon • Danté Swain• Londale Theus

Veronica Thompson • Angela Tom • Shae Vianzon • Elle Young

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