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3rd Annual 10 Minute Play Festival

October 9 - November 1, 2009

Eight 10-minute plays chosen from submissions across the country.


The Plays have been chosen. The Directors have been set. The Cast has been selected. Now the only missing piece is YOU!


A Co-Production of Towne Street Theatre and The Attic Theatre & Film Center

"30 Love"

by Terry Fadden

All's Fair in Love and War, but Divorce is just plain nuts...

Starring: Karyn O'Bryant, Jim Grollman, Nancy Reneé

Directed by: Nancy Cheryll Davis

“Secret Santa”

by Debbie Wiess

Homeland Security goes to the North Pole

Starring: Teressa Taylor, Michael Craig Patterson, Toy Lei

Directed by: Tony Robinson

“The Transition”

by Peter Snoad

The President promised change, but this...? Wow!

Starring: Jim Grollman, Asante Jones, Mack Miles, Tom Hyer

Directed by: Mark V. Jones

“The Constellation”

by Gwydion Suilebhan 

Stars, Ships and FREEDOM at LAST...

Starring: Mack Miles, EP McKnight

Directed by: Sy Richardson

“The Naked Man”

by Laurie Allen

Do Clothes REALLY make the Man?

Starring: Michael Craig Patterson, Teressa Taylor, Thomas Bell

Directed by: Veronica Thompson

“Danica & Jean”

by Bernardo Cubría

Your roommate is in love ... who cares?

Starring: Danye Brown, Han Na Kim,Tene Carter, Franceska Lynne

Directed by: Tony Robinson


by Marc Cornell

A young bride’s longing ... a mother’s love ... a father’s shame.

Starring: Veronica Thompson, Michael Harrity, Marta Portillo

Directed by: Nancy Cheryll Davis

“The Big Bend”

by Isabelle Russell-Ides

High Hope meets High Brow

Starring: Erin Dee, Carmine  Dibenedetto, Alejandro Monaglo

Directed by: Diane Sellers

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