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New Year, New Workshops

Last week, we talked about New Years Resolutions (more specifically, Towne Street’s resolutions). One of the more popular New Years Resolutions is to learn something new. If that was one of your resolutions, you’re in luck! Towne Street will be having several workshops this year.

Towne Street workshops are some of the best in the business with small class sizes, a friendly and open atmosphere as well as a showcase at the end of the workshop that allows students to show their work to a wider audience (including friends, family and industry folks).

The first workshop is the Improv workshop taught by Towne Street’s own Twon Marcel Pope.

This class will teach students;

  • the elements of short-form improvisation.

  • technique, character development and how improv shows up in our auditions.

  • how to focus on improv as it relates to performing.

If this is something that you think might interest you (or someone you know), please sign up for the class here. Let's get this year started on the right foot by learning something new!




Meet Veronica McClelland, who started at TST at age five helping stuff and stamp envelopes. She's come a long way since then and has served in various capacities at TST over the years, including Camp Intern and Administrative Assistant. Veronica graduated from UCLA in June 2022 with a BA in English and a minor in Writing. We're lucky to have her contribute her talents to the TST Blog.

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