Part 1: Ask for assistance - and favors - early

Blog post by Diane Sellers

This is the first in a series of emails/blog posts I will be sending to the membership: audition pointers, industry tips, and the like. This may be new information for some and reminders for others. I can only hope it's helpful!

Ask for assistance and favors early, and only if you need to ask. I had an audition on Wednesday and the casting director had asked that we bring a head shot and resume with us. Now this is something I ALWAYS DO (and always recommend). As a general rule, I'd rather have one and them not need it, than be asked for one that I didn't bring! (But my purse strap broke as I was walking out the door and when I transferred all my stuff over to the other purse, I forgot to go in the zippered section and transfer the head shots.) I even keep several in my car "just in case," (but my car was recently in the body shop being repaired and I had removed all my personal items; haven't put them back in yet).

So, here I was at this audition, where I knew they wanted a photo and resume and I didn't have one! It was an office I had been to many times and I knew the assistant and receptionist. As soon as I got there, I apologized and told them I didn't have my head shot and resume. They said "no problem" and thanked me for telling them right away.

Since I had been there several times, they were able to pull one of my photos from a past session and put it in the stack. But if I had waited until right before I went into the room or until the waiting room got full, they might not have been so gracious! So, if you ever have a little issues like this, or you want to drop off a card or some cookies or whatever, see if you can get there five minutes or so before it becomes a zoo and handle that business right away.

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