SEASON 28 - 2021

The In Response series does not shy away from controversy in its short plays and monologues as it approaches racism and its consequences by connecting historical context with the present moment. Audiences will leave reflecting on the chain of systemic racism in the United States and the pitfalls and possibilities of our current time in history.


“In TST’s In Response: Surviving 2020, we shine a light on topics that have emerged and re-emerged in the public consciousness for centuries, as well as the complexity of history’s impact on those issues in our lives today,” said Nancy Cheryll Davis, TST’s Artistic Director. “Towne Street Theatre remains committed to taking a fearless and honest look at tough topics through a performance lens. People come to our shows with differing points of views. But, we hope all leave with a heightened consciousness gained through the compelling artistic performances and stories they experience.”

In Response: Surviving 2020

will be performed

Saturday and Sunday

February 27th and 28th


March 6th and 7th

Saturdays at 7 pm

Sundays at 4 pm

All show will be streamed on Zoom!

Tickets are available on a “pay-what-you-can” basis.

In Response: Surviving 2020 will be produced by Nancy Cheryll Davis, Nancy Renee, Veronica Thompson, Maimouna Camara, Teressa Taylor and Kristina Roth.

The line up of plays will be:

Sitting Tall by Rich Rubin

Directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis

Rosa Parks refuses to move to the back of the bus -- and the rest is history.

Cast: Nikki Ryan, Justin Gubersky

The Many Masks of ‘Rona by Barbara White Morgan

Directed by Nancy Cheryll Davis

A family navigates the reality of the Coronavirus through multiple ICU shifts, podcasts and tattoos.

Cast: Sonia Jackson, Charlotte Williams, Jaimyon Parker

Flying the Flag by George Corbin

Directed by Veronica Thompson

In 2012, an African-American attending the University of South Carolina generated controversy when he placed a confederate flag in the window of his dorm room. He insists it merely represented and honored the “Old South” and was not a symbol of oppression.

Cast: Joshua Boyd-Williams and William Warren

Brave Blood by Rich Rubin

Directed by Tony Robinson

When the American Red Cross decides to segregate the military's blood supply based on race, Dr. Charles R. Drew -- the nation's foremost expert on blood banking -- points out the illogic and stands up for what's right.

Cast: RJ Wayne & John Alexander

Sharon’s Prayer by Peter Pasco

Directed by Starina Johnson

During the summer of 2020 a “progressive” woman, Sharon, prays to God for guidance on how to handle her extended family, how to be an example for her kids, and how to be an ally.

Cast: Sarah Green

Also, performing monologues they wrote are company members Alisa Murray, Nia Robinson and Niki Ryan.


Celebrating our 28th Season!


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