SEASON 26 - 2019

11th Annual 10 Minute

Play Festival

Thank you to all who submitted to the 10 Minute Play Festival.

Selections will be announced in December.

The theme is

"What's going on...!"

Submit your play to The Towne Street Theatre 11th Annual 10 Minute Play Festival!


The festival will take place in April 2020 at the Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood, CA.


This year's festival theme revolves around "What's going on..."

Please submit plays within history, relationships, friendships, family, cultural intersections, politics, etc. They can be historical, contemporary, or futuristic, and all genres - comedy, drama, satire, etc. are welcomed.

Please submit 10 Minute Plays ONLY. No monologues, poems or one acts, please.


Playwrights of all ethnicities and ages are encouraged to submit their work, including plays with color blind and /or multi-racial casts.


There is a $10.00 processing fee per play. Make payments using the form to the right, then submit your play(s) via the instructions that follow. Plays will not be considered without the submission fee. Please do not submit more than 2 plays.

There will be cash prizes for the top 4 audience favorites.


Submission Deadline is November 15, 2019.

To submit your play(s), use the form to the right.

For highlights of the 10th Annual 10-Minute Play Festival, click here

Comments from past Playwrights

“Thank you, Nancy, for producing my play in such a respectful, professional and artistic manner. This has been one of my very best experiences as a ten minute playwright. I am so glad that I made the trip to see the play and talk with the artists afterward. Due to their artistic skills and sensitivity to the script. I have never been so affected, watching one of my plays.

- Cynthia Faith Arsenault” - My Mother in the Mirror, 2015

"Congratulations on a great event. I was delighted to be able to part of it and get to know you and this fine group."

- Seth Freeman-Drinks, Dinner and DNA, 2014

“I am so happy, everything was amazing - I had no doubts. From the announcement, through the very first acceptance email, through all the communication and the great graphics, through the Facebook pics and posts, and more, TST - and you! - is a class act. Even from across the country I could feel that FREAK OUT was cared for and nurtured to a fabulous premiere. Thank you so much for everything!”

- Charlene A. Donaghy 

Towne Street Theatre, L.A.’s Premiere African American Theatre Company, was founded in 1993 in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Its mission is to create positive social impact by producing and developing original works reflective of the African American experience. Towne Street continues to be an oasis for creativity and imagination; a theatre that helps to bridge the cultural divide by bringing artists and audiences of all colors and ethnicities together. Originally located in a downtown loft, the Towne Street Theatre has been in residence at the Stella Adler Theatre/LA in Hollywood since 2004. The 11th Annual TST Ten Minute Play Festival begins in April of 2020.

then, submit your play(s) via e-mail to on the next page.

NOTE: Plays will not be considered

without a submission fee for each.

Selections will be announced in January.

Cash Prizes for Audience Voted Favorites.

Celebrating our 28th Season!


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