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TST Childern's Musical Theater Camp

The Wiz

2008 - August

Presented by TST's 10th Annual Musical Theatre Camp for Kids


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Thank you for your support!

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Camp Letters



Congratulations on continuing to encourage our children at summer camp — they need the opportunity to have positive programs in the arts.


I wish this could be more...



Haroldine Brewington

League of Allied Arts






We really enjoyed the show!  It was a pleasure seeing our nieces, Reise and Vaughn Hooper and all of the talented kids. As a music director, I really appreciate your commitment to excellence. You are doing a tremendous job!


God Bless You,

Gregory Hooper




Dear Towne Street Theatre,

This past production of the The Wiz was truly magical, and I thank you very much for giving me the great pleasure of being part of such a magnificent cast. It was so much fun working with top-notch thespians and I definitely want to come back next year. I thank all of Towne Street for everything you have done for me. I would like to thank Ms. Veronica, Mr. Brian, Ms. Deborah, and both Ms. Nancys for pushing me to my greatest abilities. Thank you guys a million times. Towne Street Theatre has truly changed my life.

Tony III Lorrich




Dear Towne Street Theater,


I just want to thank everyone that was involved in Towne Street this year because everyone was patient with me and allowed me to have sooo much fun in the process. It's so much fun being on stage...But doing it through the Towne Street process makes it all the much better. I have participated in Towne Street for 4 years now...And Towne Street has given me the strength to carry other shows I have performed in But when I perform in Towne Street it's like being home and everyone feels like family. Everyone just has a ball. And it's because the teachers really care about all of the children and no one is left out. Everyone has their time to shine. And that is something you don't always find in children's camps. But Towne Street is truly the best of the best. 


Tony II E. Lorrich




So, all I really want to say at this time is another very sincere THANK YOU for allowing my sons to participate in the Drama Camp this year. It is something they’ve looked forward to each year, for the past 4 summers. With the economy being what it is at this moment, it is extra challenging for a lot of us, so, I want to say BLESS YOU and your organization for being flexible and generous with your gift. It will not be forgotten.

ALL of you and your staff did another WONDERFUL job of making LEMON-AID out of LEMONS! The extra obstacles you had to overcome to make the camp happen this year would have made a lesser group of people "throw in the towel." You did not give up, and you nurtured another marvelous artistic experience for both the artist and the theater community.

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

On behalf of my two sons, I want to send you and the entire Towne Street organization wishes of Peace and Love, as well as prayers for many MORE years of being an example to show the world that no matter HOW difficult a situation may appear to be,"THE SHOW MUST GO ON" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Lorrich I




Nancy Davis-Bellamy & Staff…


Words cannot express my gratefulness to Towne Street Theater and their summer camp staff 2008. My son Brad has a condition that affects his speech and socialization skills. I was searching for a program that would help strengthen these skills. Last year was his first year at Towne Street Theater camp. He loved the experience and looks at the DVD often to recapture the moments of exhilaration of being on stage and singing the songs. I was on a mission to expose him to as many experiences that I could to develop these areas. Last year when I would drop him off I could feel the passion the staff had for theater and cultivating the raw talent of these young people. It was not until I saw the production of “Beauty and the Beast,” that I could see the development of the professional acting, makeup, costuming and the talent that they produced.


This year during the school year he took choir and drama at his high school.  When I asked him about attending Towne Street during the summer he answered a resounding yes, that he wanted to attend. This summer I ran into Nancy Renee, the Camp Director one morning and told her that Brad wanted to try out for the Lion, and that he had taken choir and drama during the year. She replied that was a big part. I asked her to give Brad a chance. When he told me that he was the Gate Keeper I was anxious to see him perform in that part. I was busy this summer and my husband was the focal person and I did not pay attention to all the parts he was in.


This year was the coup de grace, when we sat through the performance of “The Wiz,” and I saw my son perform five characters throughout the play. I was astounded by his growth.


Thank you Nancy Renee for ‘giving Brad a chance’ for allowing him to participate in a big way and being included in this phenomenal experience. From all accounts, I was told from the Back Stage Crew that he rose to the occasion. I thank you, thank you, thank you for giving my son a memorable experience.  Thank you for creating the space for my husband and I to feel proud and encouraged at possibilities. Thank you for all the good work you do for all young people. It is programs and people like yourselves that restores faith in commitment, quality, fortitude, and vision. You are a great role model for dream keepers. 


Eternally grateful,

Florence Bracy, Mom


P.S. I was turned away by another theater camp a few years ago, and was told that they could not teach my son, and that they were sorry. Thank you again for proving them wrong and making our dreams come true.




Dear Towne Street,


Thank you for letting me perform in the play, The Wiz. Ms. Veronica, thank you for teaching me how to face the audience while pointing up to the sky pretending that there was a big rainstorm coming. Mr. Brian, thank you for teaching me how to dance for the Wing Monkey scene. Ms Nancy, thank you for having me in your performance. 


What I liked about the play was that I learned how to act out Uncle Henry, by facing the audience pointing up at the sky pretending that there was a real thunderstorm. What else I liked about the play was being the Kalidah, scaring Dorothy and the Tinman away. I liked pretending to be the Royal Gatekeeper with Romann when we gave out the green glasses to the Lion, Tinman, Scarecrow and Dorothy. The Brand New Day dance with Lord High Underling was my favorite dance scene. The last thing that I liked about the play was taking Glinda The Good Witch off the stage with the heavy bed that she was singing on, with my Latin costume on, with Robert, Iby, Taylor, and Romann. I felt proud when my name was called for being chosen most improved amongst my peers. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play so many characters. 



Brad Bracy 




Dear Nancy,

Iby crashed last night and is still asleep. I am postponing his placement tests next week. Albeit he will not be able to go on the 8th Grade Field Trip next week, I realized he can only handle one big event at a time and right now The Wiz is everything to him. He was beaming all the way home. I am so grateful to TST and Mr. Tony because he truly got a sense of belonging to something important and as well as an outside opinion of his lack of self-discipline.

I told Nancy Cheryl Davis that the TST summer camp process would be a wonderful show for PBS (or A&E or Disney). Not only the level of commitment you get from everyone but the good you are doing for the children in the village. She said to pitch it and call her. (laugh!) Maybe next year you could get the whole process videotaped from your first staff mtg. orientation, parents meeting, and the first day of class.

You are making history here and it needs to be documented.  It is so obvious they're talented kids putting on a play, but it so clear they have been guided wonderfully and set up in a positive environment by the directions given to them to succeed tonight and in their lives.

Gavin Glynn





I cannot put into words the sheer joy that The Wiz brought to my mother, Mattie Hall.


She's the 84 year old lady, in the wheelchair, who I brought to the 6pm performance on Saturday. Today, mother is still talking about the play and the kids, as she sits at her Board and Care Facility – reading and re-reading The Wiz program. She has told me, more than once: "Oh Carol, thank you so much for taking me to see THE WIZ...The children were soooo good. So talented. I just loved each of them and their performances. Oh how proud their parents must be. I will keep all of them in my prayer...I also know how much work went into teaching them, rehearsing with them, to bring out their talents. They must have had some fantastic and really patient teachers." 


FYI, Mother Mattie is a retired 3rd grade school teacher from St. Louis, MO.  She also gave piano lessons to lots of kids, in her day.  Today she has Dementia (short term memory loss). However, The Wiz performance she remembers! So I'm a very thankful daughter. 


Thank you Nancy, TST, teachers, staff, children, parents, and fellow TST Advisory Board members. I too enjoyed The Wiz, and was glad to help to the extent I could. Most of all, thank you for the lasting "joy" you gave my dear Mother. I also thank those of you who helped me with handicapped seating. Bless you.(Also for a real laugh – you should have heard Mother's comments about the sights and sounds, as I wheeled her along Hollywood Blvd., to and from the Stella Adler!)


Believing we live to help one another,

Carol Hall




Dear Towne Street Members and Founders, 


What a wonderful night last night was. Tears of joy on everyone’s face. Thank you for making me a part of it. Imagine how you've enriched the quality of these young lives, not to mention the boast of purpose it gives those of us who cherish our work and service. Talk about win-win situations and “meaningful purpose.” 


Many blessings to all of you. 

With great respect and love, your grateful colleague and fellow thespian,

Clent Bowers

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